๐ŸŽ™๐Ÿ˜Š Shelly: From -4.25 To -1.25 - New Shortsighted Podcast Episode!

Chat with @Slsatrom, -4.25 to -1.25 progress.

Was a great chat, also some fun sidebars and digressions (you can buy a continuous blood glucose monitor online and โ€œimplantโ€ it yourself?!).

And a random side experiment on my part, doing the podcast entirely from an iPhone.

These cameras get amazing better all the time. So much less having to rig things together to somewhat work.


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Or our YouTube playlist (scroll to bottom): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgB_5pbB86GgQVRqQ0pvj95ZiftST_EMG

What do you think? Looks / sounds ok?

Also quite interesting to get into the various other experiments we might all be into here. Seems after all that itโ€™s mainly those already curious about these ideas that end up exploring fringe topics like getting rid of glasses.


Nice one. I thank my lucky stars that I am not addicted to screens or social media.
Jake, you are a lean mass hyper responder. Stop worrying about LDL. Check out Dave Feldman.


I love over-5-years improvement reports!

Itโ€™d be cool to have some kind of plot or dataset with these, to show how improvement is distributed over time.

Also cool to hear biohacking stories. Endmyopia kittehs are really a different crewโ€ฆ yโ€™all probably have seen the face of normies when you try to talk about details on health topics. :sweat_smile:


Iโ€™ll try to stick around for long enough to provide one - if my memory hasnโ€™t gone by then. :upside_down_face:


Additional the what was said about regarding the Cholesterol and LDL levels in the podcast: what I missed is a statement, that high LDL levels and not a problem, because high LDL level does not mean on itโ€™s own any illness or problem. High LDL levels can be a natural and healthy response of the body, especially in healthy people. If trig stays low and HDL high.

So the current research points to the direction that LDL alone is not really useful for determining if there is any problem in the cardiovascular system or not. What we need to look for is metabolic syndrome: high body fat, high blood pressure, high glucose levels. These also causes high LDL, but causes high triglycerides and low HDL too. There are also researches which points to the direction that the cause of atherosclerosis are not the LDL, but the metabolic syndrome itself (itโ€™s LDL which builds into the artery walls, but itโ€™s like saying that bricks caused a house to get built up, because there are bricks in the wall). So if LDL does not cause atherosclerosis, high LDL alone does not lead to atherosclerosis then having high LDL (and so higher cholesterol) is not a problem. They also found that trig / HDL ratio (as Shelly mentioned) is currently the best judge for cardiovascular health. If thatโ€™s fine, youโ€™re fine.