Shelly: Thank you video

I posted a video on youtube today. Thanks for the help everyone, especially Jake!! Sorry it’s short and kinda rambling. But that’s just how I! :grinning:


Nice one! Simple and to the point. Could even use some diopter specifics - seems the video stopped right before you got into how much reduction you managed so far. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jake! I’ll remember that. And thanks again for all that you do here for us freeloaders!!

I object! I ain’t no freeloader :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Proud backto2020 member)


Yay Shelly… Good for you on your video and your progress :hugs:. Wow, you discovered EM quite awhile ago. I wish I had too but was too busy looking at my screens.

@laurens And I very much appreciate it! Without BackTo20/20, all the endmyopia bills (and time!) would be hard to justify. BackTo20/20 is a good mix of added value and a bit of a tempting reason to support all the proceedings. here. :slight_smile:

We need some kind of supporter badge for members here!

Right back @ cha, the amazing installments you provide there are so cool and useful. DIY is surely possible, but backto2020 really teaches it (well mostly) all.

So for all the DIY Le Meowers here that can afford it, consider an application for backto2020. There are so much advanced tips and tricks, you won’t regret it, promise!

Btw Jake, could you check our DV concept guide in the PM? If you sign off on it we can publish it in the how-to section.

Another forum I visit from time to time (beekeepers) provides an opportunity to donate voluntarily according to financial possibilities. The contributing members are then marked with a supporter badge (“Spendierbiene” :slight_smile: ): I would very much appreciate a similar solution here as I would like to support but cannot afford BackTo 20/20 at the moment.


@Sylvia No worries at all. Happy to share free resources! (if anything, improvement review videos, as they may become relevant, would be more than enough as ‘donations’)