Shipley: THREE Diopters of Cyl ... 👋

Improvement reports, can’t ever get enough of these!


Btw, couldn’t reply to your hows it going email last Friday - just in case somethings wrong?
All I wrote was: I’m TiiChen, so you know how it’s going :wink:
Great you’re sending them after 1.5 years now, too!

Edit: Toe fungus? omg jake, how can I stop laughing now?!?:joy::joy::joy:


Wow. And I wonder if that was plus cyl. People might wonder why I’m wondering that, arguing cyl is cyl. But I have my reasons!

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It’s ok. I like to keep an eye on those since that’s the main source of actual improvement reports. Otherwise nobody bothers! :smiley:

And maybe not quite toe fungus but might as well be, some of the not at all related questions I get from people. I keep thinking, “oh I wonder why the site is called endMYOPIA and why we only talk about myopia”. :smiley: