SHORTSIGHTED PODCAST: -9.75 To -6.00, great progress in a single year

SHORTSIGHTED PODCAST. In These Trying Times, We Still Casteth The Pods, Kittehz! :studio_microphone: :blush:

Today we have Rui and her success in vanquishing headaches and hopelessness, and dubious “treatment” advice from the lens sellers.

-9.75 To -6.00 (and -5.00), great progress in a single year:


This was a really great podcast! Thank you for making it!


Great as always :star_struck:


Also splurging on this one, paying for a proper transcript to post with the episode … just to try it out and see whether that adds any value to these podcasts.


Yeah, good one! It’s really cool to see someone at -9.75 get some reductions from crazy high myopia to just high myopia. You’ll do great.

Regarding talking to other people about endmyopia, it seems pretty universal from comments here that when we tell people about endmyopia, it’s exceptionally rare for them to take action on the information. I have another post on the “sales” aspect of this, but I really do think that there’s a way to engage people in conversation to find out if they’re dealing with any of the issues that would precede them looking for endmyopia.

I wish it were higher on my priority list, but work is busy. Still, once I have something that works and I can demonstrate that I’m getting people to get started and jump in, I’ll happily share.


The full transcript of the episode is now available:

I’m not sure whether that adds equivalent value of the energy invested there. Costs about $50 to transcribe one episode. Could be good for search engines finding relevant context, could be good for people who just want to skim through (I for one often prefer to speed read over listening, still).

Will keep an eye on page stats to see whether it makes sense to funnel appropriate funds towards transcribing episodes.

Feed-bag always welcome!

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Great podcast! Is Rui a member of this forum? I’d love to keep following her progress updates :grin: