🎙 Shortsighted Podcast: Interview Schedule

Would YOU like to be on the Shortsighted Podcast?

Want to muse about them musings, contemplate contemplations, philosophize about beards, and most importantly talk about your 20/20 gainzz?

Mainly looking for darling participants who already had multiple diopters of gains, possibly interesting experiences (maybe seen flying saucers) … or otherwise want to contribute to the voices of mounting evidences that there’s something up with reversing myopia.

If you do, and I haven’t reached out or followed-up, shoot me a PM or e-mail or just reply to this thread.

And if we’ve been talking before and I lost the conversation, please do remind me. I am prodigiously terrible about maintaining schedules, conversations, spreadsheets, or really anything indicative of productive adulthood. :wink:


I definitely want to come on, but much later when I have more results to speak of :slight_smile:


If you’re interested in my cylindrical diversions, then I’m in.

I’m down from about -4.75 OD S.E., -4.25 OS S.E. to -2.25 SE bilaterally since roughly August 2019.

And still Covid-free, or I think so.



@NottNott Now is good too, though! Feel like we got lots to talk about. Real life, not just “oh here be all them gainzzz”.

@kem Yup yup!

Here’s the schedule as of right now. I’ll be adding more spots as needed, feel free to reserve any of the currently available ones if suitable. https://calendly.com/jakesteiner/podcast?month=2020-04&date=2020-04-11


A few more reductions, just so the title looks better. Ahhh! :see_no_evil:

I should really get my hands on a cable or two to hook up my good camera as a webcam as well :slight_smile:


We could make it a bait episode. “NottNott debunks endmyopia. IT DOESN’T WORK!”.

People love that kind of stuff. (also good for skeptics, counterpoints, things not aways being picture perfect, and then a follow-up later “IT WORKS AFTER ALL”) :smiley: :smiley:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
If it hadn’t already worked from OD/OS -5.75/-4.25 to OD/OS -4.50/-3.50, sure! I’d be 30 seconds into my ‘debunking’ and I’d start gushing instead :rainbow: