Shortsighted Podcast 🎙 On Audible / Amazon Music

The Shortsighted Podcast - Now On Audible / Amazon Music.


Jeeeeeeef (aka the Beez) said, fine. Have your podcast on my empire of slave minions, I don’t really care.

That’ right! Working on all the things here as usual, behind them scenes. More episodes also in the works … though as always, on guru-mountain-time, aka GMT, aka eventually-probably-sometime.

Still and always up for some Le Secret Meeting episodes also, if ya’ll want to volunteer yourselves / others, and pick topics.


Amazing! Finally a place I can give five stars ratings to my heart’s content. Hopefully we’ll boost visibility this way.
edit: oh wait it’s not yet on audible is it

I would love a Le Secret Meeting on common challenges like cylinder, equalizing and winter active focus. Though I have not made any substantial gainz myself to contribute anything to the subject unfortunately.