🎙 Shortsighted Podcast: Simon's Helps 10 Year Old Reverse -2.75 D

Copied over from FB Group Announcement:

:studio_microphone: Shortsighted Podcast: Simon’s Helps 10 Year Old Son Reverse -2.75 Diopters - No More Glasses! :+1: :star_struck:

A note on these podcasts:

Please appreciate the time and willingness of participants to join us for these chats. Not only do they have to deal with funky time zones (this one was at 6AM for Simon), but also the pressure of being in the public eye and discussing a very non-mainstream topic.

To a lesser degree, an old (but very much authentically bearded) eye guru isn’t exactly the most natural podcast host. Or producer. Or schedule-er. Or editor, even.

I’m making these as I find time and as with everything else on endmyopia, they’re usually somewhat amateur level efforts.

If you want to be on an episode, have been making great gains, or have someone you want to be on, please do take an active role in the pursuit of episodes. I barely manage to keep up with all the requests and wishes here, always happy to have your help! :heart:

And join us for this chat with Simon, it’s a great starting point for parents wondering about their children’s eyes:


I felt a bit sad about the child being deprived of being able to read in bed - I know too well what that felt like. Is there no way children can indulge in their love of reading without harming their eyes? Good lighting, and approval by the parents with limits on time could work there as well as it could for limits on screen time.
As a language teacher, I am very aware of the importance of early exposure to good quality language, both oral and written, and not only for language mastery but cognitive development as well. I would not exchange all that I have learned from reading for 20/20 vision.