Should I just drop my overprescribed -.25 astigmatism?

Hi everyone –

I have extremely low and overprescribed astigmatism. When I started measuring them on both eyes, I had less than -.25 cylinder (or to be more precise, -.1 and -.2). Since starting this program, I’ve noticed how my astigmatism changes from day to day – some days I get that slight double astigmatic blur, other days I don’t. For the most part, I still get some astigmatic blur with my -.25 astigmatism prescription.

I’ve read that reducing prescription complexity should come after the first real reduction (which I am currently working on), however I am 100% certain that my eyes feel better without the astigmatism in my current normalized.

I ordered a pair of differentials without any astigmatism on them to test my hunch, and my vision is actually clearer than my current normalized with astigmatism. I’m still seeing 20/25 in both instances.

Should I go ahead and use this no-astigmatism prescription given that lines are clearer and sharper with less astigmatic blur? Or should I wait until my eyes fully adjust to my first pair of normalized and then drop the astigmatism, per Jake’s advice? It feels a bit backwards in my case because I am seeing better without astigmatism on my prescription.


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I too see better with some astigmatism correction removed from my right eye, in spite of the fact that I also reduced .25 spherical at the same time. I was told that I should have .1 cyl. in this eye. I did not trust my own cylinder measurements enough to challenge this ‘fact’. I would not be surprised if I see better and better with more and more cylinder removed, although I will continue to do it in cautious .25 steps, TOGETHER with spherical reductions. Trust your eyes

There are no hard-and-fast rules here, just guidelines. You experimented and succeeded, so go with it!