Should We Open An Office Here? πŸ–

Plenty of space and good WiFi. A few steps to plenty of wind and a nice bay.

Spend an hour doing all the podcast prospecting and social media posting and general trivia of life, and then go kite for two hours. Then some more productive moments.


Salary to cover local style living expenses, and a job subverting some mainstream dogma. Could that be an endmyopia job post? :thinking: :joy:


Looks beautiful, I want to go!

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Where is this little paradise? If I were 40 years younger and had the requisite IT skills I would be very tempted. I would even undertake learning to kite surf. :surfing_woman:


Is that an invitation to someone? Sounds good for someone who wants to take a relaxing and fun appoach to life :slight_smile: I know people though (e.g. my dad) for whom such a life is not imaginable - he would feel waaay too guilty that he’s not being more productive and helping people etc. so it takes a certain character type…

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Nice location for EM’s first international convention in 3-5 years. The lower myopes can share their 20/20 gains testimonies :grin: Low overhead, free publicity, bring your own food and blankets. We’ll need a videographer :hugs:


@lajos Mostly a vague musing while doing a spot of work here before enjoying some non-screen time. Thinking about how life here in SEA is quite inexpensive to maintain, and productivity may be much higher than living in an office.

Mostly because spending a bunch of time looking for new staff for all these new endmyopia odds and ends that need attention.

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