Shoulder & Back Workouts Help With AF

i have been consistently working out in home gym and one thing that i noticed is that certain compound shoulder and back exercises like overhead,press ,shoulder press,dumbbell shrugs and lat pull downs/pull-ups really seems to help with the active focus or if not eliminating some eye strain quite a bit, pretty sure compound exercises stimulate central nervous system in general i think same goes with these kind of movements stimulating muscles in the neck and muscles in eye correct me if wrong but working out certainly has multple physical and mental health benefits nonetheless

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yes it is an open secret that shoulder & back workouts, long walks, cycling, windsurfing, getting a haircut, eating outdoors, sniffing forest air, birdwatching, geocaching and hot water bottles, as well as a host of other activities and objects help with AF :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:


I have experienced active focus nearly exclusively when checking my posture. I think a while back someone posted a study or so that dealt with the relationship of neck and vision.