🦄 Simulation Theory: Is The Eye Guru Just A Hologram?

“We’re living in a simulation” … is ole VanderJakensteen’s daily meditative way to appreciate the awesome things, shrug off the annoying things, and generally try to make the most out of most days.

Not to say that whether one may actually in seriousness argue for any which direction with the simulation premise.

Just as a handy tool to remove a layer of seriousness and re-imagine the world around you as a thing created maybe for you - to experience, grow with, enjoy, be annoyed by, use as you see fit.

:unicorn: thought of the day.

And with it, is it the best possible thing to spend the days scrolling around on a tiny screen - or take advantage of the proper big screen experience of the full simulation? :laughing:


Your simulated world just simulated me replying to your simulated post on this simulated forum :laughing:

What am I?
What are you?
What are they?


What a pity that we can’t just tweak the simulated universe a little to get it into focus, instead of spending simulated time, money and effort to correct our simulated visual system. A blink of the eye should do it. :rofl: :rofl:


I think we’re in something more like a virtual machine rather than a corner-cutting simulation.
The fact that our reality follows specific rules suggests an intelligent creator, but there’s no reason for its reality to be physical. In fact it makes much more sense if the base reality has no dimensions, simply for the fact that it’s more likely to happen from whatever randomness it was born from.

If you ever heard of cellular automata or that guy who made particle physics run on a excel spreadsheet, I think they’re onto something.
Particles, space, and everything is merely an emergent property of a set of rules computing like a cellular automata, I think the most elegant construct would have all the cells connected to each other and through fluid dynamics manifest three-dimensional space, gravity, and so on.

Of course, it’s unclear what’s the real formula that runs the universe, we can only speculate since we simply can’t take a look outside. However my intuition says it should be something simple, despite the complexity that we see on the macro scale.


Red pill, or blue pill?

that is a good question, but where are the pills :rofl:

Pills and psytrance? :grimacing: