Sleeping with open eyes

Does anyone here sleep with eyes opened?
Does it realte to doing a lot of distance vision?

I don’t think it relates to distance vision. It’s probably worth going to the doctor to investigate.


Maybe since I am doing a lot of distance vision it might have damaged my muscles in the eyes?

That is not a conclusion I would come to…


I have a history of sleeping with eyes open. I still wake with blurred vision, so probably I still do. It’s never really been investigated. The lids definitely close completely during the day. I’ve tried ointment and taping and ointment with taping. It doesn’t keep them from drying out, I can’t adapt to locking down the visual system for the entire night, plus I don’t want my eyelashes to be pulled out when removing the tape.

Needless to say, I haven’t come to a resolution. I’d kind of like to try taping again, but I never want to commit to the moment I will no longer see until morning. Corneas seem ok after several decades.