Slow improvement after opto confirmed astigmatism drop

I started with 2018
R -6.5 -2.25
L -5.75 -2.0

I remember I was seeing 5 green circles ( one at center rest in 4 directions) on the traffic signal post and went to opto thinking my astigmatism had gone up but it had reduced!
2019 Oct opto confirmed
R -6.25 -1.5
L -5.25 -1.5

So, I had to reorder back my normalised I was wearing just when I visited the opto (keeping spherical around the same but reduced cyl) as below since october :
R -5 -1.5
L -4 -1.5
I can see 20/30 in good light but struggling during the hours daylight reduces( seeing 20/50 in low light) - winter in the UK now.

Measurements are not improving as quickly as they were last year ( went from 16.5 to 21 in the bad eye ).

I am guessing, the spasm dropped and now is the real test or the astigmatism drop is taking a while to settle in. I am convinced the astig drop was required as my eyes were hurting real bad until the new prescription glasses came in.

Has anyone exeperienced sluggishness this way due to cyl drop ?

I also wonder if I should treat this new prescription as my new starting point i.e up the normalised a bit so that I see 20/40 in low light - probably will go that path if I dont make improvements after 2 months

Congratulations on the cylinder drop.

I recently dropped all cylinder and am seeing excellent progress with astigmatism.

However, your experience is aligning with mine in that it feels like the non-dominant eye is lagging.

I am getting improvement, but it’s slow. Hang in there and keep working it. I patch about 15-30 minutes per day by holding a hand up in front of the dominant eye. I drop it as needed to check that focus is the same with both eyes and that the image is 3D/bilateral.



Thanks. I am going to try 2 more months and see how it goes. It’s winter in the UK which also means I’m not going out much. Will try to step up the effort with the same normalised before I increase the spherical a bit more.

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I find drive time really helps. Active focus and all ranges, moving observation/challenge. :heart:


One of my discoveries of astigmatism, atleast for me is that going into a dark room, letting your eyes fully adapt to the darkness makes your astigmatism a lot better even with fully dilated pupils. Works even for the weird irregular astigmatism I have. Sometimes it’s almost gone even.
It’s only short term and I don’t know if it produces any result in the long term, but hey:
Going to a dark room is always good to relax your eyes a bit :wink:


That is super interesting. I haven’t noticed darkness making much of a difference, but I might not be tuned in to it properly.

What I do most often sounds like football bat, but I try to active focus while ignoring the astigmatic blurs, burrs, spikes, and spots. :crazy_face:

I’d just like to add that, if you experience any weird deformity in your eye from strain or whatever reason
If you can, stop whatever what you’re doing and try to relax your eyes all the way. If you aren’t too late you can still reverse it. Don’t just assume that it’s always going to be natural endmyopia double vision.
I kinda freaked out this morning because my right eye was completely hazy and clouded, like someone just took a piss on it. Happens sometimes, but I can get it back, fortunately.
(actually tho, some of the astigmatism actually helps me a bit because it’s a lower diopter. it’s like reverse keratoconus i think. lol)

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I always hated dark rooms . I never step out in the night if I dont need to. I hate driving at night. May be my astigmatism got worse because I never go out in the dark !! I will try this. Thanks.

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I was -1 sph -1 cyl × 10° in left eye normalised…and i wasn’t getting blur challenge so as jakes said first reduced 2 times by sph then cyl so without even checking my eyes i reduced by .25 sph with same cyl and degree and when i put that lens it was very blurry so next day i went for check up and when i used _-.75 with -1 and same degree it was blurry and when i reduced my cyl to -0.75 with same degree it was all clear …i did nothing but my cyl reduced…