Small victories but HUGE to me

Just a happy note today, I remember when, on a walk when I first got brave enough to walk without my glasses, to enjoy the air and the unfiltered sunlight. I remember looking at the sidewalk wondering what the lines were on the concrete - first time in years For my vision to have improved enough to see the cracks in the paving.
Then came the fences with their individual posts and sunlight streaming in between. No longer a blur. Then the tiles on neighbourhood roofs.
Today I saw the material stitching on my running shoes. It has made my day. :blush:


That’s super awesome!

Also does something, intangibly, in your brain. Enjoying these moments and seeing things, seems to help with improving along the way. :slight_smile:


I’ve had a similar experience just today. I was sitting in my office, checking my phone without my glasses. And then looked up and had an urge to just stare a bit to the calendar on the wall (it’s about 2,5 - 3m). And as I relaxed and stared and blinked gently I just started to be able to read the numbers! No, they was not clear, they were blurry, there was multiple of the same ones, but I was able to read them! Only for a few sec and everything went back blurry, but it was amazing! Curiously I checked my screen (about 50cm from me) and had a similar experience there. Not clear, had a ton of double vision but for a few glimpse I could read the letter (and it was SQL code, so it’s not even that I could guess what is there :slight_smile: ). I’m really looking forward to reaching low myopia where these moments are much more attainable.


I believe the first time is always the best.
In my young age i experienced espontaneous clear flashes, but i thought was a natural thing and move on with my glasses.
After EM, my first improvement was when i’m staring at digital red clock more than 6 feet away and i could read the numbers. From this day i started with active focus, overdoing it sometimes.
EM is hard to do, because demands discipline and patience when looking through non perfect vision and sometimes we need to step back, but worth the effort when you realize your vision getting better and better.


Another type of a small victory but one all the same: This morning my phone popped up with a notification saying: “Your screen time was down 37% last week” the cool part is I didn’t even feel like I had made any screen time changes yet… so I guess just thinking about it made a difference! (That and the fact that I now have to either switch to differentials or look at screens with no glasses if I’m out somewhere and decide to look at my phone and don’t have my differentials- that probably makes screens just a little more complicated and less appealing… 37% less appealing :slightly_smiling_face: )