Smartphone Use on Stupid Stuff

Hi all… I originally planned to upload a 90-second video at sunrise with my doggy on the beach but really need someone to record me…selfie videos are not my forte :relieved: How nice it would be at some point for you all to upload a brief video of your progress and what habits you changed. Hearing excited emotion is compelling and inspiring to others. I love hearing accents from around the world which is why Disneyland and airports are some of my favorite places :wink:

Bella posted on FB about smartphone habits. ON THAT DAY I evaluated and changed my behavior regarding news articles. I’m the most indiscriminate news headlines clicker and my email MSN home page offers some of the most ridiculous headlines. I now set 2 appointment times once in the morning and once at night to read headlines. (I also need to set a Le Meow appt…this site is so engaging because we’re talking to people and not a cyberspace cloud.)

I, like many of the world, was fascinated by the royal wedding, but do I really need to know how many gowns Meghan tried on before she picked the perfect dress, or speculate why Kate gave Prince Charles’ wife the side-eye glance, or why a cute video went viral? Jake’s recent video on why your eyesight isn’t improving nailed it when he emphasized our daily activities should be beneficial, important and add value to our life.

I once asked my colleague why she wastes time watching the Kardashians and that I could never watch someone else live out their reality. She then asked me why I waste time watching baseball games which is also inconsequential to my life watching athletes live out their reality. Wow…that was one of those Touché moments, but now I can say Aha, games increase my distance vision! :hugs:

Before you click that headline, answer Jake’s Why…is it beneficial, important, or add value? Goodbye Newsroom Alerts!.. I’ll click what I want and when I want! Thanks Bella…we never know how our posts may impact lives.


Great points.

Videos are tricky to figure out at first. I feel like the first 100 I did all were each mostly a lesson. :smiley: Main thing I find now is facing a window for nice natural light, and maybe letting yourself ramble for a while to ‘warm up’ before hitting record (or editing out the first bit). It’s always weird at first just talking at a lens, and the self conscious bit always gets me!

I really like small cameras with the flip up screens, even though the front facing camera on smartphones are pretty decent now. If you prop it up on some books, facing a window, probably looks pretty decent!

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Self-conscious for sure when I tested recording at sunset on the beach…thought it would be a cool backdrop. Too many people so decided on sunrise when everyone’s still sleeping :slightly_smiling_face:

Just saw your pin on helping endmyopia. There are several people who have had considerable 20/20 gains and would be nice for them to record their progress like Angie.

I’ll put a plug into Natural Eye Care and The Healing Wellness and Eye Center FB sites. All their posts are on obtaining better vision.

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There was a royal wedding? I lived some years without TV and we bought a new one 3 years ago. I’m sure we did not good mostly to our older son which I have trouble sometimes to get him outside to the park.

Princess Diana’s youngest son Harry married an American actress who I was not familiar with. Honestly would not have known either as I don’t watch TV except sports and had it not been for the useless Newsroom alerts. Have to admit though it was a darling wedding :slightly_smiling_face:

American actress? It sounds like spanish king marrying a woman that worked on TV too. Her grandmother was republican so didn’t go to the wedding :joy:. Well, apart from little things, there is so much rubbish on TV that i changed to youtube to watch what i like. This way i knew Jake and his curious vídeos with streets full of people and motorbikes and exotic beaches with km of sand.

I agree…TV and movies are not as appealing as before and stopped watching. YouTube can be tricky too when it comes to children. Recommended videos pop up that I don’t think are age appropriate.