Snellen chart Yard sign

There is very little signage in my neighborhood, so I had been searching for a Snellen Chart yard sign to put outside to practice AF distance . I finally found one and ordered it, but there was not an image size in the description, so I assumed. Yep, bad move. Don’t was your money here: Eye Chart Yard Sign by EmbroideryPatterns - CafePress
The image is only 8" x 4". I’d post a picture, but can’t figure out how to do that.

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Have you considered making one, by printing it? It would require a bit of trial and error, and a good quality printer, plus the option to laminate it. Or how about you start with a regular 20 feet size Snellen chart, that you can move closer or farther as you need to, in your yard?.
Maybe a good thing to have one in the yard, and possibly inspire some neighbors to ask questions and get into EM. :wink: :innocent:

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All seriousness I want one myself! But my husband already thinks I’m crazy :joy: Been toying with getting something made up for the yard though, and it doesn’t actually matter what it says. I just want to get something with at least 2 size fonts to work with. That said a true scale “yard snellen chart” sign should be on the EM merchandise wish list :smiley:


I work for a printer and he told me printing one would be very expensive. I asked this group about half a year ago if anyone would be interested (minimum is 10), but only got one response. Laminating would not last very long.

I still have a sign from the roofer, who replaced out roof a year ago, but the only thing written on it is their website.

I can understand that. I was thinking something more “primitive”, even if a short life span. I would try it just because I will be working from the patio pretty soon, and I love your idea for something to Af on.

I have this one since 2018 hanging on my front door (on the inside). It’s not designed for outdoors but it’s a heavy plastic material and I think if you attached it to plywood on the back it would work fine as a yard sign. Since the door is opening and closing all the time the thing is pretty durable to have held up this long. It hasn’t changed any since the day it arrived. You could probably put some plastic over it or something.