Solar Retinopathy from Bates Sunning Method

Hello everyone,

I was recently talking to a friend who started his vision improvement journey with the Bates method. Because of the sunning method, he developed some solar retinopathy in his central vision which is taking some time to clear. It is not so bad that it prevents him from doing daily activities, but it is still bothersome. Has anyone experienced something similar and how did you deal with it?

Thanks in advance!

no, i haven’t heard about this, but all the Bates books that i have read so far recommend sunning with closed eyes, they never advise to look at the sun directly, so i am wondering what have happened with your friend? did he suffer this through closed eyelids? i am just asking because i am doing the sunning with closed eyes every day, multiple times, but if it can cause such issues i may avoid it in the future. :thinking:
also this sounds a medical issue, so we are not really allowed to advise in such case.


@lane, I agree with @balinte89. Sunning is always to be done with with closed eyes! And if you don’t overdo it, I don’t think it will do any harm. I personally do it once or twice a day for about 5 minutes, followed by 5-15 minutes of palming.


If it would cause any problem at all, those farmers would have already be blind.

I think my friend may have done it partly with open eyes, I think in the original Bates book, he suggested that as one variation. Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you have heard of a similar case. His doctor seems to think that it should go away eventually on its own.

Yes, Dr. Bates had some crazy notion that looking directly at the sun wouldn’t be harmful. :crazy_face: But all modern Bates teachers I’ve heard or read about, warn about only doing it with closed eyes. And with good reason… :sunny: + :mag_right: = :fire:! I’ve also mentioned this in my post about the Bates method.
I hope for your friend that the eye doctor is right, and that it will eventually go away.

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