Some negative reviews of EM spotted


Thank you for bringing this up. I am still working on the EM protocols. I am also looking for contrarian opinions and critiques. I am currently skeptical that I can reverse my myopia and axial elongation that seems to be progressing. My interest in EM methodology at this point is to try and stop the progression, if possible. So far in my life, my experience is prevention is always better than cure. Once the affliction progresses, there seems to be a point of no return - unless magical stem cells proliferate and somehow fix the problem. :grinning:

I see that there was a response from EndMyopia that made some points and another one not so useful.


These negative reviews have already been shared on the forum. There is always going to be haters. Reality is; you will only improve your vision if you put in the effort and time and if you are accountable enough to make good informed decisions.
I have improved my vision and it has been confirmed by an optometrist. Many others have too. Those who fail either have medical conditions or fail to follow the exact steps for vision improvement. Which are in case you aren’t sure:
1.) Learn the EM method
2.) Apply


Interesting first post choice … :thinking:… welcome to the community! :yum::+1:t2:

I’d be concerned if there were no negative reviews.

What sort of thing, especially something like this that requires a fair bit of personal interpretation, ongoing commitment, occasional troubleshooting, and sometimes challenging habit changes, works 100% for everyone?

Skepticism is healthy. Some failure is to be expected. If anything the percentage of bad reviews at less than 1%, seems a bit low:

Especially since usually unsatisfied people tend to speak up more.

In particular as long as the reviews are well considered and thoughtful, explaining why they disagree or what didn’t work for them, it’s a productive part of the conversation. All for it!


Can never please everyone. Especially on the internet.
Ultimately, it’s a process that involves self-application and commitment.
If you can’t bring those to the table yourself, EndMyopia will not work for you.
It’s like buying a cake mix that says “add 1 cup of water and 1 egg”. Then people pour the cake mix powder into a bowl and try to eat it, then leave a review that it wasn’t a good cake, and in fact wasn’t even a real cake.
Who doesn’t love a good cake analogy? :wink:
(Hint: It’s the internet - someone will hate the cake analogy).


The low percentage is why it is difficult to gather contrary opinions and experiences. I remain skeptical of most things I try, till I achieve some success or totally fail in the endeavor. So with EM. Skeptical or not, I give it 100%, follow protocols etc. Started with differentials today - 1.25 D difference from full strength. At the desk, keyboard is clear, no blur (30cm). Readable blur on the front monitors (60 cm).- my blur horizon. More blur at two more monitors at 80 cm on either side of the front monitors. I found out I have to learn to look straight, not with eyes lowered (thanks to progressives inculcated habit). No problem looking at monitor above head level, but it is big/curved. . I take breaks often . So a good beginning so far.

Okay, I hate the cake analogy. I hate cakes as well. I don’t go anywhere near eggs of any kind. Okay, “hate” is too strong a word. “dislike” is better. :nerd_face:

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That should tell you something in itself.

To be fair, I don’t eat eggs either.

Makes sense.

I’m always looking for contrary opinions and experiences. There are a few recurring ones, mainly it’s Quora there are two or three optometry practitioners who aren’t fans of us. Not much constructive there other than “their science sucks” and “myopia is genetic” type of stuff. Feel free to poke around.

If you’re looking more for people who actually tried and didn’t have success, I think there is a bit of that around here in the forum. Whenever I find a case I also try to post an article, there are a few on the site. In a small amount of cases people seem to just not respond at all to lower diopters and stimulus - but it’s literally single digits that I’ve come across where some troubleshooting made no difference.

I want to see failure also. No system is perfect. I feel better when I see the problem rather than there not being one apparent. To me that just means it’s somewhere in my blind spot and will be an issue later.

I also get the occasional e-mail, “didn’t work for me”. Those do happen every so often, somewhat regular. I don’t have much time to follow-up, the times I do it’s usually just people not taking the project seriously.

Also there are some pretty common failure points, some of which I tried to summarize in this playlist: Troubleshooting - YouTube


Thank you. I had reviewed them - made my own watch list of sorts. I have most of those video contents as audio only and loaded in my MP3 player, which I listen to during walks or outside work. Not sure about the fixation with the beard thing - tbh I do not know what my face looks like without facial hair. My sig tag is TSB which stands for The Senescent Barbate. :grinning:

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:joy: I’m envious!

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