Sorry for this rant

on this day three years ago (sep.27th.2017) . i went to an ophtomologist because i noticed that i cant see the board at school unless i squint . so he prescriped minus lenses (-1.25) and he told me to wear them all the time and never take them off so that your eyes stay healthy and safe . so when i got back i took this selfie and i was so happy that i can see clearly again and i did wear them all the time even for phone use .i really believed that i’m saving my eyes . that was the bigesst lie ever . Back then if only i know about psuedomyopia that i got from spending too much time on my phone . if only i knew about lens induced myopia . if only i knew about those lens sellers that call themselves doctors -_- . my eyes kept detoriating for 2 years so i become -1.75 on nov 2019 . since then i was looking for what to do to improve my eyesight and it took me a long time because the internet is full of bull** (bates plus lens… periphery…) and even when i found endmyopia it took me a long time to understand what it is about and eventually i did and i’m so happy that i did and thanks to it i improved my eyesight from -1.75 to -1.25 . so after 3 years i’m back to where i started with myopia . im so excited to see where i will be next year !


Good luck! You should be back to 20/20 very soon. You can enhance vision quality at far distance by wearing +0.5 or +0.75 glasses/contacts eg hour a day when you are already 20/20 and want sharper naked eye vision. Nice frame, I have a similar.

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very soon ? isnt the rate of improvement is one diopter a year ? :sweat_smile:

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The less you’ll focus on so-called “improvement rate”, the faster you’ll be back to 20/20.

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create systems and not goals indeed

That is wonderful! Very excited for you! I am so happy you managed to find EndMyopia amid all the dross on the internet. :raised_hands: