Sph and cyl

My doctor has prescribed me differential glasses.
Right eye
Distance: Sph: -6 and Cyl: -0.50
Near: Sph: -4.75 and Cyl: -0.50

Left eye
Distance: Sph: -5 and Cyl: -0.75
Near: Sph -3.75 and Cyl: -0.75

Is this correct?

Jake says “Drop the astigmatism if it’s just 0.50 diopters, and instead of subtracting 1.5 diopters total, subtract only 1.25. If it’s a 0.25 astigmatism, just drop it, no other changes.”

I’m clueless about astigmatism, cylinder. If the doctor’s prescription is incorrect, please advise me on the correct one.


Not sure what you mean is this about right?

For differential prescriptions if the cylinders are less than 1.0 diopters you can just drop it.

Do u mean that I don’t need a cylinder number?

Yes, no cylinder.
By the way:
IF you had high astigmatism, then you would need lower cylinder diopters for differentials.

But your doctor wrote the same cylinder diopters for differentials and normalized. That is wrong. Astigmatism: Exercises / Treatment | Daily Beard | Jake Steiner - YouTube

Lots of resources available on astigmatism, cylinder and other topics. Maybe a quick search?