Sph correction and sense of balance (especially for unequal corrections)

This is especially geared towards us who end up with unequal corrections and I’m noticing this when switching between current normalized which is unequal (higher correction in left eye) and an old pair of full correction glasses (equal in both eyes). I have this weird left eye that randomly sees equally and is randomly weaker so here’s what I’ve noticed

feeling heavier on the right side (less sph) when wearing unequal glasses, no prisms
no such feeling when I’m on an equal correction in both eyes but the risk is left eye randomly blurring and randomly seeing clearly, also no prisms

and I also notice the left side appears smaller when I’m wearing the pair with the higher correction in the left eye

anybody else notice similar effects? I also wonder what would happen if I were to suddenly be able to and get to wear a similar prescription but in contacts

Unequal correction - e.g. R -1.25 20/50 L -1.25 20/10
Unequal power (prescription) - R -2.25 L -2.75

Contact lenses don’t minify, distort or feel heavier or lighterat all, thus also when have unequal power (because their weight differ I guess not more than by half of gram). Dry eyes and unstable vision (differs from blink to blink and somewhat long restoration of normal vision after blink) are (serious enough to minimize their use, sometimes to zero) down-sides of soft contact lenses, though.

Hint @Dlskidmore: if your glasses lenses differ too much with unequal power or make you barely see 20/20 (because they introduce too much minification), choose frames with smaller vertex distance. 10-12 mm is balanced between micro-world and compressed eyelid/eyelashes. 7-8 mm is good when you want to have nothing of nice except vision.

I have long lashes, which is an issue with small vertex distance frames.

lol my eyes get weird and my lashes fall out whenever I’m really stressed. But I adjust the bridges and temples to put the glasses farther away from my face. not sure if that would help. I never leave an optic shop without having the employees adjust the frame and nosepads so that the glasses are a little farther from my face