Sports Normalized Contacts

Hey everybody,

I play competitive soccer, and I have always worn full strength optometrist contacts.

I just got normalized contact lenses and they do not give me super clear vision on the field,

Will my vision eventually get better with them or is it better if I use my full strength contacts when I play for better performance?

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When you need clear vision, use correction which gives that. It’s practically impossible to get hyperbolic defocus in distance setting, so no need to worry about that.


Yes however my goal is to get to 20/20 natural vision, will the use of full correction contact lenses during certain activities hinder that, since there is no room for active focus?

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It won’t. Just make sure to use the normalized in all cases when you don’t need that extra clarity.


Thanks for the information, I will use the strong ones during soccer for better performance.

Also when using normalized will they eventually become as strong as the previous optometrist correction?

Yes, that’s the aim :slight_smile:

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Is there any benefit to using normalized during activities where full correction vision is crucial?

Or is it better like you said in these scenarios to play it safe and use full strength correction?

If crucial, then no. If you should see something and you miss it because of not enough corrections and it has an impact on your performance then full corrections should be worn. So you don’t want to see a blurry ball, or miss your team mates’ facial expressions or other signalling to you. But you can wear normalised in the gym when it doesn’t matter if you don’t get all details all the time.
You wear normalised when there’s no consequence of having to get slightly closer to get full clarity. Norms are typically 0.25D or 0.5D lower than full corrections. If you go for a walk and you can only read the street sign 10 meters closer than you’d be able to do with full corrections then no consequences. But you may find that over time you get clear flashes on that 10 meter difference, or can even hold clarity. Or you go out to a restaurant in norms where the people who matter, whose faces you will watch and read will be within a few meters, and it doesn’t matter if you cannot see faces clearly 2 tables away. Even if you miss to notice and greet a friend there, it will not be the end of the world. Popping down to the corner shop is the same. Etc