Staggering normalized and next differentials

My EM project is running slow. My full correction is RE -7 SPH -1.00 CYL LE -5.25 SPH -0.75 CYL. I have been using my first differential for the last 3 months, and I feel that my eyes have very well adapted to this differentials. Those are 1.25 less than my full correction. I have even increased the gap between the screen and eyes. I have ordered my first normalized corrected to 20/30, and I will receive it within 3 days. Since, I gave my first differentials so much time, I feel like I am ready for a reduction in differentials. This differentials does not give me edge of blur distance anymore. How soon should I go for the next differentials? Thanks in advance.

If you feel that you are ready, you probably are ready. You do not have to wait a fixed time period between reductions, or between reducing norms and diffs, even though this is recommended. You are the only one who can tell how your eyes are doing.

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I think it is better to give your new Norms some time to adjust before getting a new Diffs.

I can feel that my eyes are ready for new differentials. My first normalized are due too.

If new differentials turn out to be a bit too challenging, you can always wait a while and use your current ones till you get used to your normalised. You will need them at some stage of your journey.