Staring at nothing!

Ciao a tutti.
I do “zero diopter reset” once a day, in different situations.
Once I went outside for good outdoor time but I found myself several times staring far away but at nothing in particular. And I realized that this outdoor time was a waste of time for improvement.
Days later I found again my sight lost far away at the horizon but looking at nothing actually.

Do I get easely distracted due to blur? Do the eyes and the brain give up their tasks when blur is too much?
This is not blur adaptation, I user this Reset to boost vision with normalized (often 20/20 without AF after a good 0DR)

When I try to see something without correction the zero diopter reset is useful (I have clear flash too) and later with normalized my vision is great.
When the zero diopter reset is “lazy” with my gaze losts in the blur and my mind losts somewhere else too, later with lens my vision is not improved.
Does anyone stare at nothing due to its myopia?

I think you are right, if it’s too blurred it is no help in terms of improving focus and there is some trial and error in working out the first normalized lens when you try and start reducing your minus needs with some but not too much blur challenge. In terms of ‘staring at nothing’ due to myopia I found that even with glasses perfectly correcting for distance my eyes are often ‘lazy’ and just look but don’t pay attention to detail or really notice anything, especially movement or things in the periphery, or beyond my glass rim. It is like a bad habit (and lack of attention to detail might explain why I’m so bad at art!). I think the slightly reduced prescription (once I get a normalized lens) might force me into better eye habits and more observation power.


I felt the same way when I started outdoor vision. I would look into the distance and not focus on anything in particular and realized that my eyes were lazy , blur adapted and not wanting to see clearly. I thought I was benefiting by outdoor time but really I was staring into the distance with blur.
Then I tried blink a few times and reset my eyes by closing them for a few seconds. Immediately while staring into the distance/ horizon, my field of vision became crystal clear!
Like you mention, I think our eyes just becomes blur if we don’t make a conscious effort of seeing. (With and without glasses)
Also I think it depends on the day if the zero diopter reset is lazy. perhaps the weather, nutrition, or not having a good night sleep can affect if the reset will work. I notice that even if I try to reset my eyes to see clearly but sometimes it just wont budge and clear up the blur.

There’s another post on passive active focus (search on forum) where you look into the distance and let your eyes clear up the blur here I think you consciously look into the distance but the point is to relax the eyes and let the brain/ eyes clear it up auutomatically


I experience the same thing on my walks. If I am focused on vision improvement and am constantly looking at signs and people and active focusing then my vision will sharpen and my cm measurements will get better. But if I forget about it on my walks and let my mind wonder then I tend to just passively look at the ground in front of me on my walks and I get no clarity, I might as well be at home watching tv lol. This is a good example of the mental aspect of vision improvement. You have to stay focused mentaly to get focused literally.

This could also be another reason why some people keep 20/20 vision their whole life and others dont. It depends on your habits when you are walking. Take a look at people walking through the streets and you’ll see a lot just staring at the ground in front of them, even worse some will be looking at their phone. But some people are actively looking ahead and all around, I bet you that person doesnt have glasses.


Exactly! Mental focus is such a subtle thing but it makes a huge difference in many aspects.
It plays a role for sure (unconsciously) in people with perfect vision even if they stare at close-up a lot.