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There are a lot of questions posted by new people entering this forum. There is of course the (more or less) mandatory 7-day free email guide received by Jake which you must read carefully and take to heart. Please read this post subsequently to get a good comprehension of the basic knowledge you need to have to start your Endmyopia Journey:

Here’s the official start here intro video:

The 7-day email guide contained a big load of good information. It might’ve been a lot to digest. Did that sink in properly? If you’re unsure, read them again before asking questions, you can find them right here:

How do you get to the proper differentials for starters? Read this (again):

And what about your first normalized? See Jake’s videos on that here:

So, what’s this active focus AF thing everone’s talking about? Have a look here: Active Focus - Start here.

Grab your eye-charts and measurement tools here:

Please do not forget to utilize the amazing centimeter calculator here:

You have low myopia? See our meowsome low myopia guide here:
Low myopia guide and tips!

Want to hear it all from someone else? See @MattE’s cool video series here: Video Series to introduce endmyopia

Are you still having questions?

  • You have been reading up a lot, understood some bits and pieces and are (hopefully) totally excited. You went through the 7-days email guide. You look at the blog, it’s all confusing and you want to start, but how and where?

We’ve all been there and we know there must be questions. Please, use the following tools:

  • Consult the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Please check them out, they might very well answer your questions.
  • Did you see endmyopia’s blog section? Hover over (with your mouse) “Blog and How-to’s” and check the “Eyesight How-To’s” and any other relevant sections for you.
  • Search the blog. Do you know how to search the blog? Hit the :mag: in the upper right corner and fill out the relevant search items there.

We’ve got some search terms to help you get started:

  • first differentials” and “first normalized”.
  • For astigmatism: “(reducing) prescription complexity”, “Astigmatism”, “Cylinder” “diopter ratio”,
  • Do you have one “weaker/stronger” eye? Search for: “(reducing) prescription complexity”, “dominant eye” and “diopter ratio”.

Check out Endmyopia’s Youtube Channel, lot’s of great stuff there for you to take a look at.

Keep a log of your measurements, progress and post updates to share with and inspire others. Good luck!


This is an awesome resource for first time members to start with :smile:


Glad you appreciate it, :bowing_man::smiley:


I’m about 7 days into the 2020 program and have a question about how to enter the cm numbers into the 2020log tools. If I take 3 measurements a day (RE, LE, x 3 times a day = 6 cm measurements) do I average those out and then input in the the 2020 log? Or can I enter 3 separate values for each day?
Also, I didn’t realize I had to take a measurement with both eyes. No problem, I just wasn’t aware of that so haven’t been doing it for the past 3 or 4 days. That will add 3 more cm values a day. I will start taking those today. Anyway, I’m not sure if this is the place to post these types of questions. Let me know otherwise. Thanks.

It doesn’t really matter, however, the backto2020 log tool supports one measurement a day. Pick one and stick with it. I did midday.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve missed both eyes, eventually this will be invisible in the graph that will be formed. Too small to be of consequence in the end.


Thanks! Looking forward to some diopter progress in the near future!

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Hello @Laurens & @jakey,

I was searching for a link to sign up for the 7 Day Email Course. I see the above link but that is the links to each individual day of the 7 day emails and it clearly ask that we do not share that link.

Does a link already exist for going straight to signing up or can one be created? It would be nice to have and we can easily send that out to curious & interested friends.

I felt like the emails were very well done and a great introduction.
I can convice a friend to sign up for it and then do more research on endmyopia after their interest has been stimulated. So, what do you say? Can we get that link?

Please Bro … :wink: :laughing:


I finally found it… You have to scroll down the very bottom of the home page and LOAD THE GUIDE

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Yes, that is also what I found, however, I’m looking for a simpler way, such as a link similar to the French link that would be easier to pass on to someone.

A link that simple says something like this:
Grab a copy of my free (yes, darling freeloaders, don’t pay me for this one) 7-Day Course. It’ll teach you all the basics on how to start getting your eyes back.

[Get The 7 Day Free Guide]

*No eye exercises, no Bates Method, no unicorn farming. Just science and evidence based stimulus and habit changes.

Others have expressed interest as well:

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It’s not up to me to give the go ahead on this. This is and should only be Jake´s decision.

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Checked the source, currently there is no way to add a direct link to this. It’s simply part of the home page, just hidden until you click the button. So Jake would need to create a separate page for it if we want a direct link.

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@Laurens Thank you for sharing! Do you mind deleting the invalid link of [FAQ ]


Thank you, link has been updated :smiley:

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