Starting an EM YouTube Channel (first video up!)

Hello Endmyopians,

So, I’ve been talking to @NottNott on the Endmyopia Discord channel, and he persuaded me to make videos. Well, the persuasion proved to be successful indeed.

I’ve always wanted to make videos for Endmyopia but I didn’t really know how. I didn’t want to sit there and explain stuff because I know there are a lot of people who can do that better than I can. My original idea was to make skits relating to Endmyopia, but I developed that into instead integrating these skits into my videos.

I want to make my videos more engaging and immerse people into what it’s like being an Endmyopian, and, being a Gen-Z alongside @NottNott, I want a good balance between being informative yet humorous, using more trending features such as effects and skits so as to make my videos more entertaining. This gave me the incentive to learn Final Cut Pro as well, :D.

I prioritise quality over quantity, so I plan to post a video once every two or three weeks. If you do have a suggestion as to what I should improve on or any ideas for future videos, then please don’t hesitate to give them!

Anyway, here’s my first video! Enjoy!


I liked the flow, the humorous bit in the park :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, and the quick cuts. You seemed comfortable and natural in front of the camera :+1:

Curious to know if you had a structure in place as to what you would shoot/ speak or was it spur of the moment. I enjoyed taking the walk with you :smiley:


Skits were a winner. That ending had me crying inside :sob::sob::sob:

(Un)fortunately for you it was so good I’d love to see more now :joy:


@nottnott Good friend Weeda? Dude Weeda?

Do you clear the Blok C3 (or whatever it says) above the A outside your front door? I bet you could do it at the end of your walk.

Good video!


Whelp I guess I should quit now! :joy:


4-20 Weed GIF

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I just watched the video and it is super informative and engaging,cant wait to see your journey of getting to your improvements. I also love seeing Em videos on YT (Gemily, Reannon, nottnott) and seeing your progress.
anyone else on?


I quite enjoyed it!


Thank you for such kind words! :smiley:

I did have a general script to structure the video. But otherwise, the humour here and there was indeed at the spur of the moment.

I can’t believe I’ve never tried that XD I will definitely try and see how that goes. Thanks!

Why, thank you! My goal is exactly that!



Yeah you def rate now!


Great video, I think you have a great style :slight_smile: The general direction is good and with some refinement I think it will be awesome.

Three remarks:

  1. 27 °C at 6:30 am? How do you guys not boil alive in that humidity? :smiley:
  2. “increased blur perception”: it’s called “blur sensitivity” in scientific articles (or I misunderstand what you mean by “blur perception”)
  3. Bonus points for the blooper, those are my favorite parts of @gemilymez videos too :rofl:

I might not be humorous, but I gotta finish this to do list I have before I throw in the towel.I have this thing about finishing what I start… but I suppose I’ll have to up my game if I’m going to be more than a blip on the radar lol


Your content is brilliant, but by jove you could do with a better camera


I know… but I can’t see my way to dropping the coin on it, and if my subscriber count is any indicator it really wouldn’t be a worthwhile investment. I still can’t believe I am doing it at all! :joy: But seriously I don’t see this as a long term thing for me. Once I pin down my list, I will make the occasional update and not likely anything else. I just wanted to say my bit on each thing in a more shareable form because I find myself typing out the same responses frequently. Then I just hope they listen rather than watch! :rofl:


Video content is great. The audio dropped out a bit about 2/3 of the way through (I guess that’s why you wrote “Yikes!”). Whenever it’s time to upgrade your phone you could probably use your new phone camera and get better quality. I think these days even the budget phones will shoot 1080p or 720p. I wouldn’t spend money on stuff you don’t need to spend money on either. When it’s time you’ll upgrade.


Then I gotta get a stand! I just use the webcam on my laptop because it is a pain to have to pass the content between devices to run it through editing. I know the camera on my phone is better but it is a lot of hassle, I don’t care enough to go to the trouble if I’m completely honest. :woman_shrugging:

The yikes was commentary on the subject, in that case excessive blur, not the audio. I noticed the playback varied for some sections but I was unable to adjust the volume, I tried, to no effect, budget editing tools too lol
Y’all just gonna have to cut me some slack on the production quality. I never aspired to any of this stuff, seriously just sharing my bit in the format of the moment. I considered just doing voice overs without video, just a picture, but I figured people would like to see a real person… I guess I hoped they would be glad of the effort even with less than top end production quality. At the very least I doubt anyone would think my content is a sleek and slick promotional thing, and all that scammy noise, so there is that! :joy:


Just tell the marketing people this is the look we’re going for, instant million views! :partying_face: :partying_face:

Certain to sweep the Oscars and Grammys and Myopia-Reduction Awards!


Yeah totally! Retro is it anyways right?! Lean into it even :sweat_smile:
Seriousness though, if I thought it was worth the effort I would re-shoot and rework with better equipment and software. But I rather doubt there is a point, especially considering that the majority of people find hitting like to be too much trouble to go to, I figure I shouldn’t over extend my effort or my pocketbook.
Have you ever noticed that the feedback on even the most popular channels is about 10% at best? So that’s my audience about 29 people who are invested enough to consider hitting like and maybe drop a comment, if they are in the right mood. I figure those ones are more concerned about the content than the production value. Maybe I’m wrong… but short of Santa Clause leaving me a shiny new laptop with a premo webcam and preloaded with some razzle dazzle editing software, y’all get what ya get! So there! :innocent: Just pretend it’s the 90’s and be impressed already! :joy:


Your content is great. Youtube being youtube, most people are very passive. You can’t really count likes and comments etc. Word’s getting out there, people kind of get interested in this stuff (from all over the world). It all kind of builds on itself. People see your videos and think, huh, this is actually a thing, maybe I should try that…

Don’t sell yourself short!

I’d just make a phone stand out of an old plastic water-bottle. 720p would get you a lot more views I think.


Reasonably sure that is what the webcam is… either way it really is bothersome to pass the content between devices. I’m already going to enough effort so people can take it or leave it. I put myself out there, already way out of my comfort zone. Switching to my phone would up the video quality but it would cost content quality because it would never make it to the editor and I would drop stuff, or have to break down and write a script. Not a good trade off IMO and it really is an or situation for me, gotta draw the line… If I can’t do it all off one device then I’m not doing it.
I busted my butt on the bot and people barely use it. Me working harder doesn’t mean more return, so for better or worse gonna be staying the course.