Starting Endmyopia from -5.5/-5.0

Hello everyone,

My name is Dirk, 41 years old, from Germany. I am wearing glasses since I was 12 or 13 years old.

My last “official” prescription from 2020 is

R: -5.0 -0.25
L: -5.5 -0.25

In 2013 it was even stronger at

R: -5.25 -0.25
L: -6.0 -0.25

I was strongly overcorrected then, but luckily my eyes did not get worse from these glasses.

I’m seeing floaters since a was a teenager, and throughout my tweenties and thirties there were periods where I have seen a lot of bright “flashes” regularly in my left eye, which can be a sign of retinal detachment. I went to the eye doctor, but at least he said that my eyes look healthy. But it gave me a lot of worries over the years. Also, as you all probably expect, no one told me that I could do something to improve my eyes.

In June this year, I was on vacation at the sea for some days. Shortly before that, I decided to start my Endmyopia journey. So I used the vacation to do as much distance vision as I could and avoid all screens and books. I measured my eyesight frequently, so I was fairly certain how far I could see when my ciliary muscles were relaxed. It was about 20cm for my right and 19cm for my left eye, so my glasses were not too bad.

Back home I ordered cheap (20€) differentials with R: -3.75 L: -4.25 (no cylinder) on the internet. I tried them for two days, while working on the computer, but they gave me headaches (I now suspect the PD is too small, maybe that’s why).

Then I went to my local optometrist. I told him, that I want to improve my eyes and if he would support me. He immediately said yes. I did not expect that at all :slight_smile: I explained to him, that I want two pairs of glasses, one for close-up and one for distance vision and both should give me a little bit of blur.

He measured my eyes and his result was -5.0 with -0.25 cyl. for both eyes. What a nice suprise that my eyes have equalized themselves just in time :smiley: We reduced the diopters and I tried differentials and normalized glasses with his lens kit.

I bought both glasses from him (using old frames, replacing the old strong lenses), paying about 220€ for both. This is quite expensive I know, but I hope that he will give me better prices when I buy the next pairs and he sees, that I am serious about this.

So now I have -4.5 -0.25 for both eyes for my normalized glasses and -3.75 (no cyl.) for my differentials.

I am wearing the glasses now for about two weeks. There were a lot of sunny days, and I spent as much time outside as possible. In good daylight, I still can read the 20/15 line without problems, which is a little surprising to me. With a full prescription I was more or less able to read the 1.6 line at the optometrist, which is I believe a 20/12.5 line on a Snellen chart, so my vision is generally pretty good (with glasses). Maybe I should have gone lower with the normalized, maybe -4.25, or just no cylinders? At least I can see blur in great distance, but then it is hard for me to do active focus.

At least in lower light conditions the weaker lenses become much more noticable. Now I am wondering if I should get glasses that are 0.25 dpt weaker soon, because I can see so good with these glasses in good light.

I know that people tend to reduce too much. But my feeling is that -4.25 and no cylinder is good, since I can see 20/15 with my current -4.5 -0.25 normalized. I will talk to my optometrist about this this week.

Have a nice day everyone :sunny:


You might consider ordering them now so that whenever you are ready you could start using them. It sounds like you are well on your way and making good progress. Once you get rid of any remaining cilliary spasm the progress will probably slow down to the 0.25 D every three months level.

It’s great that you found a local optometrist who’s supportive!

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Wow a truly supportive opto is a rare gem. I hope he will give you deals in the future on your reductions since it can add up quick even at the slower rate already mentioned by @nycmao. It is really your choice when to reduce at this point, though since you are still getting blur challenge in lower light there is no harm in wringing a bit more out of your current correction, as long as you are good about switching to diffs for close up having a bit of extra clarity in your normz in good light is actually great. Most members getting into that over reduction cycle because they are chasing a constant blur challenge thinking one must always live in blur to improve and many of us who have been at this a while realize that is not only not necessary but often counter productive. Sound like you off and running Best Wishes in your journey


Yes, it is really great to have a supportive optometrist. He said he will give me what ever glasses I want.

He also said that he tries to give people weaker glasses, but usually people would want the sharpest vision they can get, so they get a strong prescription. But I doubt that. Sure, everyone wants the best vision. But not for the price of being ever more myopic or getting some eye disease due to eye elongation. If it is just the decision between blur and no blur without drawbacks, who would not choose the “no blur”? Having all relevant information is essential.

My optometrist gave me glasses before I knew of Endmyopia, and they were not weaker than the glasses from other optometrists, and he never gave me a choice between weaker or stronger glasses. So I think he mostly wants to endear himself to me (is that a proper english sentence? :slight_smile: )

Last time I was there, a boy (12 years or so) with his mother were consulted for his first pair of glasses. The colleague of my optometrist said, there is nothing the boy could do about his myopia. I sat at the neighboring table and did not say anything about it. Now I feel a little guilty about that. I am telling them when I am down to -1dpt :wink:

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honestly this is most often the case.

There is a big part of the problem, but most don’t have the information and in a fair number of cases I wonder if they would choose differently given the choice. There is something of a clarity addiction that is not uncommon in myopes, where the eagle eye sharp is desired.

There is a thread about that… truth is the vast majority of people don’t care and don’t want to hear it. I can say it has been a hard pill to swallow for me, and I think many others: we find out this amazing reality that we can get our vision back and we want to tell everyone. But almost no one wants to listen :frowning: and even the ones who find it interesting, most of them still lack the ambition to try it for themselves,

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