Starting Endmyopia opposite (underprescribed)

Hi all,
I’ve read a lot but I’m still confused with my starting point.
I’ve been wearing my current glasses for several years, but my eyesight still continued to detoriorate…
Since I started reading endmyopia in December I implemented daily habits to my life. trying 20/20/20 rule, getting distance vision, ditching phone use, trying to active focus etc. Since most people here starting their journey with differentials but for me… well my current glasses are about -1.5D weaker than what I should wear and I have high myopia ( -6.5/-7) so theoretically I’m wearing differentials for everything. Probably living with blur adaptation (I can still tell when blur starts but it’s not that obvious of course). What should I do now? Can I buy glasses which I will see the 20/30 line on snellen chart (normalised) and keep current glasses for close up work and start from there?

With such a false start, there will be no hard gains from first reductions, right?

I started EM seriously underprescribed (in fact, no glasses) and managed to make some good gains. It is not the usual way, or the recommended way. It is entirely up to you if you want to buy a pair of norms, and take the usual route. What line can you read on the Snellen with your present glasses? This might answer the question for you.

In spite of not having been over-corrected and having no regular ciliary spasm to reduce, I made fast initial gains with my stronger eye. My much weaker eye followed with a lag of about 6 months. I spend little time at a screen, and I think this makes a big difference.

I would be reluctant to call it a false start. All paths lead to Rome. :grin:


Thank you for your reply,

I would love to do that but I’m a student and with pandemic there are online classes :smirk:

I can see 20/50 and a bit of 20/40 line on my snellen (3m chart in natural light) with my current glasses.

Now I’m even more confused :sweat_smile: I’ve read that too much blur or even reducing too much can stop you from getting any results and I’m not sure if I got it right what you are saying but with one focal plane I can still have some good gains or even go down to -5D with my eyes and meet current glasses?

Now, I’m not saying what you said isn’t true, don’t get me wrong. I’m curious because it clashes a bit with what other people have been saying or what is in articles on the site. I don’t know maybe I’m too stupid, can you explain it a bit more?

I am sorry if I have confused you. This is because my own situation is rather different to that of most people on the forum, and I have used a different approach. It is best to follow the ‘mainstream’ on the forum. But my suggestion is still to try to see if your curent prescription will not serve as normalised glasses. If there is more blur than you can tolerate, go up.

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Ok, I will give it a try. I’ll practice good habits and other stimulus in my current glasses without changing focal planes for one more month and check later if I can see more line on my snellen chart. If not i will buy pair of norms and start from there.

What do you think?

That sounds like a reasonable strategy. You are unlikely to become excessively blur tolerant in a few weeks.

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