Starting the journey - Ready Set Go!

Hi All,

I am Isvorya from India. I have been wearing glasses for almost 12 years now. My Myopia has slightly increased year by year. (I have moderate myopia and low astigmatism in right eye, moderate myopia and high astigmatism in left eye) All this time everyone kept telling me your eyes are gone! Cannot ever be corrected ! But phew ! I found EM at least now ! better late than never, right !
I came across Jake’s YouTube video and visited the website and since then I have been hooked to the blogs, posts!! People have made so many amazing regains and it got me so excited to start the journey with you all !
The main reason I want to get rid of glasses is coz I keep getting headaches a lot! I feel it is due to my eyes! even though when I visit my optometrist he says there is no fault of his, he has given exact prescriptions ! But I feel kind of uncomfortable with them ! So hence I am here my friends ! To start the journey to get rid of these uncomfortable headaches !
I read a lot and one thing I learned was to take it slow and I am in no hurry, so I am going to make small small changes to get the maximum out of it !

Hope all works out ! Thanks all for being such a supportive group ! Lets all hope to see 20/20 sometime soon !

Kudos !


Hey Isvorya - welcome, and thanks for sharing your story.

Definitely the best decision you ever made - looking forward to hearing about your progress (slow and steady !).

Yes, miracle workers they are. Trust yourself and your own measurements, you will not be disappointed. Bon voyage to you.