Stick on plus lenses

Hey there, has anyone tried these to help in reducing myopia?

My prescription is too high for me to amend my prescription and i can’t find an optometrist willinv to give me a lower prescription

If your prescription is too myopic, plus lenses will make it even more difficult for you to see. They will not provide the stimulus you need to improve your vision.

Plus lenses are useful if the blur horizon is too far away and you need to bring it closer to allow for active focus work.

Are you referring to altering an existing glasses prescription by putting plus lenses on the existing lenses to decrease the power? Conceptually I can see the idea, but if you have access to Zenni glasses or other cheap online source, I’d just order a new pair of glasses, the cost is likely to be similar to any stick-on lenses, if they exist, and likely to be better optically.

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Ah, he’s right, people do it with contacts for differentials. It’s a strategy.

At some stage you’ll have to decrease your lenses though.

I’m about to be in the same boat. My plan is to switch to daily contact lenses first, which are easy to re-order in a different prescription, work down to a reading lens for the contacts, and have additional minus over of cheap online glasses for driving.

I’m concerned that a strong minus with a plus will compound optical distortion and give me eye strain and limit my progress. Two minuses still has some compound lens effects, but under-correction and additional should be less than over-correction and re-correction.