Strange thing happend during outdoor Active focus

Hi all!, I experienced a strange thing during Active focus outdoors. I was staring at some logo with letters, it started clearing up, when I tried to hold my eyes in same position, I felt sudden Blur/dullness of surroundings other than the text. Something like alternate dull/bright flipping. I freaked out and changed my focus, blinked 2-3 times and earlier vision was back. I experienced this 2-3 days before and then again Yesterday evening, same thing happend, this time I just closed my left (stronger eye) eye and realised that this dull flickering was in RE mainly. (Its like your eyes are locked, the text is clear, but then a dullness surrounds for fraction of second) This does not happen every time when I try AF. Of course, I am still learning outdoor AF. I am not sure what is this, am I doing anything wrong? Has anyone experienced that before?

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It could be that you are staring to long at one point. In your retina the incoming light triggers chemicals that induce electrical signals for the brain. When you hold your eye fixed then the each point of the retina receives the same light signal which will exhaust the chemicals. This can have strange effects on your sight for a short time. Maybe this is what is happening to you. Try if this also happens if you let your eyes move more free while observing the logo.


Thank you! I will be more careful next time. This dullness really felt scary, as if some translucent screen before eye, so when this happend, I just did not continue with AF.

Wow! Had this as well yesterday. I thought I was forcing Active Focus too much.
But besides the dullness all around, the sharpness of vision in the center made me feel more in control of what I can actually focus, including distance.

I plan on allowing my eyes to experience more of this. But someone please feel free to let me know if this might be really bad long term.

I am not sure, what was that. But, as I wrote it felt scary so just stopped AF at that moment. you are correct, that happend because of forcing AF I guess. Forwarding 8 months, AF is much more easier now, without having any strain and with full peripheral vision.