Strange vision in glasses

When I look at night lights with normalized glasses and make them sit farther from eyes to reduce their power, I see clear point from light source far away surrounded by big circle-like shadow, there are no breaks (like point in the center of circle).

The same is with -7 or -4 non-astigmatic glasses.
Update: the same with naked eye, it seem to be slightly worse in the left eye.

I remember the same thing when I was looking inside autorefractor with dilated pupil. I don’t remember it appeared so significantly 3 months ago and earlier.

Could it be ciliary spasm, or it’s just spherical aberration inside eye?

A defocused telescope has a point surrounded by circles. Are you seeing something similar?

Normal eye sees light source very far as a point.
Myopic eye sees it as thicker or less thicker circle.
I see it as a point surrounded by circle, but the circle is simply a low-density shadow.

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I don’t about this but I want to share
When I was in ashram and wasn’t getting enough outdoor volunteering
And sleep
I started having light flashes
It something like a star has fallen apart in front of my eyes
Like in every 1hour or so
And when I come back home from the ashram with in 2 months it disappeared
Then after a year
As your describing I was seeing same
With time and breaks and applying new startergy in my life it disappeared
One of my strategy is to only be in front of screen for 7 hours

and rest of the time I pretty much relax
Like yoga or just lying under a tree like a dog or cow lies down just like animal
I started doing yoga because I like the clarity it gives to my vision
Pretty much sometime I can see 20/20 with my normalised just after
yoga +pranayama (which means flowing life energy to your each part of the body)
Eyes are set of organ which need proper oxygen and good blood flow
According to me
There is nothing more I can share about your condition
But atleast take a assessment
I just shared a recipe I am not promoting it