Streamers / pro gamers not getting myopia?

Can happen. And also their setup. They definitely spend a lot of money on their computer, which many times mean large screen. Which mean they may use it from farther than the average. Someone should create a streamer myopia study :smiley:


Or… they wear contacts? Unless it’s part of their visual style, I’m sure that the no glasses look is “the way” you’re supposed to look, kinda like wearing a suit at certain jobs. Thus you either wear contacts, or have the screen close enough to see clearly (e.g. the screen distance is 50cm and someone is 2 diopters myopic).

Many professionals in other professions wear contacts for precisely this reason, from what I can tell.


Both of my sons spend too much time gaming. Their distance to screen is well beyond cell phone distance luckily. Out of curiosity I’ll try to get some measurements.

One uses his laptop and a 52in TV as a second screen at 12 feet. That alone should help with preventing ciliary spasm.

My other son splits his time between the gaming computer and a gaming console. Console uses a TV so much further away.

Luckily they both love to fish and spend some time outdoors with the animals, shooting bows, cutting trees and such.

No idea how common these habits are with other gamers, but I’m confident it’s better than all close up.

I also suspect the rapid eye movement used in many games may possibly be protective in some way against myopia. Or at least better than staring at a phone.


my little brother who spends hours on phone and pc gamer playing fortnite valorants…ect when i talked to him about the dangers of too much close up and that it may induce myopia he said what about those pro streamers why they have good vision . so for last few months of quaranite he is spending +8h in front of pc. he was able to see 20/20 on the eye chart now he only sees 20/30 -_- .


These are what I’m talking about. The usual streamer is not the antisocial introvert geek type (like me :smiley: ), because those guys won’t put their face readily into the internet. These guys usually have big social life and/or other hobbies. Sure, you don’t see that on the streams, but that’s irrelevant regarding eyesight.