Struggling in the middle - 1 yr, 8 mos. - Anybody else?

So, I’ve made a bunch of impressive progress I never thought I’d make - down .75 diopters on contacts, down 1.25 diopters in glasses, following the back to 20/20 program. I’ve hit a wall recently, and I have a lot of confusion about how to go forward. Do I follow the results of cm measurements and snellen charts, even though sometimes it now means that in glasses my eyes may have -.5 diopter ratio between L and R, but in contacts (at a lower script) they are the same, with the same edge of blur vision in both eyes? Sometimes my right eye can see 20/16 and other times, I get blur when for 20/100, but with a little AF, it can see 20/16. Someday, I do wish that optometrists helped us through this process of getting to 20/20-it’s such a shame that they do the opposite. Not having answers means I’m on my own journey, but it also can be confusing, and means making mistakes. It’s particularly hard for me because I can be a perfectionist, and sometimes there is no clear answer. The easy thing would be to up my outdoor time, try to further limit my computer time, and just do what seems right and not worry about it too much. I’m not a quitter, but I could see how people give up at a certain point.
Anyone else feel confused, even when they get advice from Uncle Jakey?


You might want to measure your glasses with a vertexometer - a tool that measures lens power.
I was using -9.00 CYL -1.50 glasses for both eyes and was amazed it was in fact -9.25 CYL -1.25 for right eye.

I too am waiting for my right eye to stop misbehaving

I too feel like I have hit a wall. I went back up because I couldn’t consistently see clarity. I could make things better but not consistently. I find that my left eye wasnt really ready to move down and it still is lagging in the previous pair.

What bothers me more is that is feels like my cm is worsened by doing this. But I plan to stay in this pair for 3 weeks and decide what to do next. The clarity in them is really intense sometimes and mostly fine at night. Not 20 20 at night but close.


If you follow the official back to 20/20 program, click on Support link in the second row between course list and Log too (not on the Le Meow Forum in the first row of links) and write your question there. Jake will get back to you within 24 hours. Include your cm measurements and the reductions you made so far and then your question - that helps his reply and can cut out one round of back and forth.

It is normal for your eyes to get extra gain from AF differently. Your right eye seems to move on a very wide scale. (I had it from 20/15 to 20/70.). So work on reducing the difference between best and worst.
Sometimes you think you are not improving, but actually you ARE just differently
I wrote about it here. These are more subtle changes but contribute a lot to stabilising the best diopter you achieved so far.

Quoting the relevant part:
b) What changes I monitored:

  • How long does it take from getting up until the day’s best vision? – it used to take about 5 hours, now it takes less than 30 minutes
  • How much is the change within the day (between the day’s best and worst)? This is what I found increasing in winter a lot. Worst record in Nov 2019: up to a 1.25D difference within a day. But usually I manage to keep it within 0.5D now.
    Note: it took me long to realise that LUX is between 10 and 80 in a winter morning on the Snellen I use vs. summer’s 1000 LUX. This is indoors.
  • How much time do I need to clear the blur on a text I thought to be on the blur horizon? – zero seconds? 5 secs? minutes? never? did I have to AF for it?
  • Can I switch between close-up and distance? At the beginning once I used my contacts, I could not go back to no corrections. Now I can use corrections for quite a few hours and then still continue with no corrections 20/20.
    So much so that sometimes I rush into the bathroom to take my contacts out not to ruin my vision, just to find that they are not on my eyes but in the case already… Happened several times :joy:
  • Can I switch between smartphone screen and distance vision? Though Jake doesn’t recommend interrupting distance vision with phone’s screen, I deliberately measured how much the phone screen took away from distance vision, as I think it will remain a real life scenario that I will have to switch between these focal planes.
  • How sharp are the texts on moving objects? (number plates, ads on trucks, etc)
  • How sharp can I see the faces, especially indoors? (not just across the table, but across a hall full of people, trying to spot friends)
  • How much do twilight and darkness take away from my daylight vision? Can I clear blur then?
  • How sharp are the digital clock’s numbers in the dark?

Year and a half or so here too. Also hitting the wall. But I also have low myopia and high astigmatism, so not sure if it has to do with my “genetic” astigmatism or just the slowness of low myopia changes or both. I’m just going to be patient and reevaluate at the end of the year.