Struggling to get AF?

I’m reading a book about myopia reduction. This is a tecnique developed by an Italian guy (David De Angelis) which I find pretty close to Endmyopia in many parts.
Come sono guarito dalla miopia is the title. Maybe it’s translated in English too.

There is a good “advice” to get what we call AF, to regain the right accomodation ability.

Many won’t understand a word I know.
CRB is for contraction release blink, to get a stimulus to improve vision using reduced lenses (or + lenses in other cases)


  • bring a text to the edge of blur
  • open wide your eyes for 5 seconds and feel the strenght and tight muscles of the eyes
  • release the tension and close your eyes, relax the eyes, “untight” those muscles. Stay concentrated.
  • open and blink normally and gently.
    AF will be engaged!

I’ve found AF before this reading but I use this technique in those days when AF is more difficult.
Hope it helps for those who can’t get AF.



I this truly helpful. I sometimes doubt the feeling of strength and tight muscle around the eyes are good or bad. This really help me. thanks for sharing and translating.


More and more I think that progress passes through awareness of eyes muscles strain.
When you squint or squeeze your eyes intentionally you become more aware of what’s straining. Then you become able in a better way to avoid to strain the eyes, which of course in not a good habit at all. we need to tune in with body and mind to really understand how our eyes behave.
This easy technique helps to better understand our eyes, in my opinion.


To do this was really interesting. When I opened my eyes wide, I felt the strain in my left eye which needs more improvement overall. Thanks for this!!


Does not work for me, sorry :slightly_frowning_face: