Struggling with active focus

Things supposed Myopia reduction:

  1. Measure glasses with tape measure, app, and astigmatism wheel.
  2. Get normalized, reduced distance glasses. Get differentials, reduced glasses for close up.
  3. Limit close up for 20 minutes with at least 10 minute breaks going outside doing distance work and active focus.
  4. Look, by present of everything when doing active focus, blink, clear up text.
  5. Stability ensured.
  6. Reduce when seeing a change in vision.
    I need to work on my close up.
    Warning @jakey, I am sorry.
    For active focus, be aware of the whole scene, close eyes, take deep breath, clear text up/ distance scene, repeat.
    Every time I do this, the vision remains the same or only goes by 2 seconds. I think that is a clear flash. Am I doing anything wrong? I remember a very long thread about a person who cannot go through active focus and first used plus lenses wrongly.

Clear flash is when you have ton of blur and then suddenly full clarity. The bit of blur clears for 2s is exactly what AF is. The time while your clarity lasts doesn’t matter- If you have a bit of blur and be able to clear up at least a bit, you’ve found AF :slight_smile: