Struggling with cylinder

note: only talking about right eye.

If my right eye prescription is: -0.50sph, -1.25cyl (confirmed two weeks ago)

and I’m wearing -0.50sph, -0.50cyl for closeup. And -0.75sph, -0.75cyl normalized, and since doing active focus didn’t help improve cylinder over the course of more than 6 months. Would utilizing spherical equivalent

-1.0sph, -0.50cyl, help? I am scared that it would create more lense induced Myopia, would it?

I tried combining -0.50sph contact lense and -0.50sph, -0.50cyl glasses to get -1.0sph, -0.50cyl total, and I would say I have a better stimulus, but I’m afraid of lens-induced myopia.

I did have only 0.25sph progress on this eye (my original prescription was -0.75sph, -1.25cyl), but the cylinder is really stubborn. so I’m trying to see what the hell is going on.

I did start with astigmatism in 2015 but it was only -0.25sph, -0.25cyl, and I didn’t wear any glasses until 2018.

My gut is telling me my astigmatism is real (i always successfully cheated for right eye on eye exam until my 20s) but that raise of myopia actually made it more apparent, and that I should keep maybe full cylinder correction and drop to 0.25sph. my thinking is if myopia reduces, astigmatism would drop too, but maybe I’m wrong. I also think (my fear is) that possibly overprescription (adding sph equivalent) of myopia could lead to increasing astigmatism.

I’m really confused and have no idea if anyone has a similar situation please share your experience.

My right eye is stuck, too. High cylinder and sphere, in the mid- minus 2.5s. Left eye is dropping (like 0.75 in two and a half months).

I’m starting to use an app to work on the ciliary muscles, hoping they’ll even out all around, and affect the corneal shape (hopefully, even all around.

I’m having a little success in a reasonably short time.


Have you tried measuring your astigmatism by your self? Jake has a few videos on a diy approach. Maybe your astigmatism “rx” was overcorrected by the optometrists and may be wrong.
Generally, if you have less than 1 D of cyl, you’d substitute that with 1/2 D in sph, like you are kind of doing now, i wouldn’t say it would cause more lens induced myopia, because your substituting the directional blur for more spherical.
Jake also says that as people reduce their myopia, you get some double vision which can be mistaken for astigmatism. Theres actually a video on it. lower myopia and increasing astigmatism. Maybe your perception is that your myopia is reducing and your astigmatism isnt because its double vision?


I confirmed my astigmatism with opthalmologist 2 weeks ago. My prescription only dropped by 0.25sph in both eyes and I’m doing this for year at least
I also have -0.50sph, -1cyl glasses in my “collection” but u don’t feel comfortable using it. So I’m using -0.75, -0.75 instead.
Hoping will get improvement…

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Yes I sometimes do get double vision on right eye when I’m eye patching left. So that’s a good sign.

The only thing I can say I had two optometrist measure my eyes and both came out with two different prescriptions. One was low SP with high CYL and one was high SP with low CYL. Looking at distant objects I saw no difference in sharpness or DV, but watching TV (3 meter) i saw a difference in sharpness and DV. And that prescription was the one with high SP and low CYL. So I’m work on only lowering my CYL for now.

At the risk of getting overly precise…

When you refer to double vision in your right eye while patching your left eye, wouldn’t that be simple blur as opposed to “double” vision?

The reason I ask is that I was under the impression that double vision results when the images from two eyes don’t merge well together in the brain.

As for implications, ways to address simple blur may not be the same as the best methods to address double vision.

Not all double vision is caused by problem with the brain, you have monocular double vision( causes include astigmatism, cataract, retina disease, even kerotoconus), and you have also double vision caused by your visual cortex adapting to the changes( indication of improvement).
The binocular double vision is a problem with the brain , and everything you look at would be double and when you close one eye it goes away.
I have some double vision in both eyes , the left is more noticeable, and i don’t know if its caused by improvement or because i changed too much focal planes in a month.


Did you check your astigmatism yourself using the tool on the EM website? You can get a rough estimate of the axis and power with it to see which optometrist is right

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Thanks for clarifying this point. Learning as I go.

Yeah, no problem, i learned about it yesterday actually.

Yes, i have all measurements in my own introduction thread:

Now compared to my own 4 weeks of measuring (average)

R: -1.42 Cyl 0.35
L -1.81 Cyl 0.48

Yes guys I did measure it. and both opthamologist and optician gave me similar values. the period between the exams is 1 year.
with literally only difference being 0.25sph improvement I got at last checkup, and 2 degree axis difference (which is due to different autorefractor brand probably. and 1mm PD difference lol. which is nothing.).

I ordered new glasses. I decided to test my theory, that astigmatism actually increased due to excessive spherical power, so I ordered -0.25sph, 1.25cyl
And if I am right, my astigmatism will improve once myopia reduces.
And then I can proceed to reducing astigmatism.

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