Sudden aching pain in left eye

I have been following Endmyopia since 5 months , but from 3 days i am getting sudden pain in my left eye like for some seconds and goes away immediately. the pain feels like(some kind of wavy thing idk) my eyes gonna burst out and I am getting this only once a day from 3 days. should i be concerned about that ?

Not sure anyone here can answer that for you. It has been expressed by others that a stinging sensation happens in the eyes. And it is possible there is ciliary spasm happening. But you have to trust your own judgement on if it seems like a concern.

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Ultimately, if you are worried, you should see an ophthalmologist so they can check everything is fine.


I have heard people having a stinging sensation due to really dry eyes. I personally would see a doctor if that happened to me as it could be anything, really (dry eyes, infection, something bad, nothing at all,…).


take a rest for 2 or 3 days.


What happened with your eye pain?@Likhith? I’m getting left eye pain and headache today first day after wearing my normalised lenses too. But weird I have to say I’m panicking.

make sure, that the lenses have the right center in height and width (pupil distance) as your eyes. Especially buying glasses online is risky, because they can not make sure, that the center height will be right with your eyes. Only retail stores check that. Otherwise something with the diopters could be wrong.

to my wonder the pain went right away the next day and it never came back
don’t know the reason maybe I was stressed out doing active focus all day long.

and first day discomforts are common with new glasses we’ll get used to it.