Sudden aching pain in left eye

I have been following Endmyopia since 5 months , but from 3 days i am getting sudden pain in my left eye like for some seconds and goes away immediately. the pain feels like(some kind of wavy thing idk) my eyes gonna burst out and I am getting this only once a day from 3 days. should i be concerned about that ?

Not sure anyone here can answer that for you. It has been expressed by others that a stinging sensation happens in the eyes. And it is possible there is ciliary spasm happening. But you have to trust your own judgement on if it seems like a concern.

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Ultimately, if you are worried, you should see an ophthalmologist so they can check everything is fine.


I have heard people having a stinging sensation due to really dry eyes. I personally would see a doctor if that happened to me as it could be anything, really (dry eyes, infection, something bad, nothing at all,…).


take a rest for 2 or 3 days.