Sudden eyesight improvement after tracking objects on screen

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I have some questions regarding usage of video games for tracking objects like this one. After playing while staring at the screen for few minutes with naked eye (not necessarily) I feel how the monitor moves up in my mind and I can do active focus with naked eye on a math notebook full of squares for example and get sudden permanent results but only when this stunning happens. It happens that I start to not get in this state with current computer setup so I move the screen in various distances and trying different head angles (I’m using a laptop and an external keyboard) and try same gameplay by just tracking colorful objects.
I lack a log to confirm the result but I want to know the biology before I make this practice long-term. I have -1,5 cyl and -2,75 sph on both eyes and I started to be able to read very little text which I wasn’t capable of by just wearing the full prescription.

Sounds like passive stimulus, and that is also active focus.
Look at @Dtnsg, he revered his -4.75/-4.5 myopia with lens and corneal astigmatism 0.25 D both completely using passive stimulus, just being aware what he sees with reduced lenses.

What you’ll read next is not recommended to you, but I try to “passive focus” with +2 D myopic defocus.
That’s worked for me, but… I will jump to orthodox Jake method following.


The muscles in our eyes are in constant movement even though you don’t really notice it most of the time (saccadic movement if you want to check it out), it’s necessary to achive a good focus, track moving object etc.
Those who are nearsighted lack a bit this kind of movement, hence your vision improves

Could very well be that osu stimulates your eye muscels.

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While I turned this topic on gaming, I can relate that I played a game called Dota 2 for so much time that I developed astigmatism on 10 and 170 degrees axis. I just started to wear differentials while playing the game, but I focus on healing the trauma of not looking to the minimap in the left corner.
Screenshot of the game below.

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