Sudden itiching after 1pm

Have anybody faced a sudden itching problem after 1 pm on the day? Like I have observed, I feel itching, dryness, not able to see the objects clearly in the strong daylight. I felt strong headaches and pains in my eyes and it creates less concentration on the work and objects.
To solve this and ignore this, I have used several eyedrops, it gives me relief for very less time. And after that again the same problem repeats.

Itchy eyes can be caused by food allergies. If you regularly eat a certain food at lunchtime that you are allergic to, this could explain the itching in the eyes some time later. If you have never had this before, you might want to look at whether you have added a new food item to your usual lunch. Just a wild guess, but worth investigating.

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You can see an eye doctor about dry eye issues. There are treatments available. Start though with simple things like washing your face well and using a warm compress to stimulate the oil glands of the eye.

Not itchiness, but I find when I have eye strain I start wanting to rub my eyes - hard to keep my hands away. Even if I can’t FEEL the strain, that sense of wanting to rub my eyes can indicate to me that it is time to take a break. So, another thing to check is that 1pm isn’t when your eyes have had enough screen time and need a good break.