Suicidal Thoughts & Teens & High Myopia

Ok not so frequent, but every couple of weeks something of this nature (below). That’s a lot of pressure to be honest, especially since as a general rule I try not to give advice to kids (respecting their parents, also likely a million legal reasons not to).

To the point though - myopia is no joke especially not something you need in your life as a teenager. Wish we had a slightly more responsible mainstream establishment when it comes to giving out diopters like they’re eye-candy. (ok not funny, Jake)


The thing with these kinds of messages is that’s it’s really hard to know if the person is for real or just trying to coerce you into helping him/her for free. Suicidal thoughts are no joke and not to be taken lightly. But how do you distinguish between someone who really needs help and someone over dramatising to get something they want…?

It’s a sad thing though that distorted vision can make people sick with life in general and fuel these extreme thoughts :disappointed_relieved:


The NY Times article that preceded Meow was the first I heard of any vision-related suicide…I was stunned. Then last year a Detroit meteorologist reportedly took her own life after an unsuccessful SMILE lasik surgery. I was not familiar with SMILE…very tragic. When vision is lost, some really don’t feel life is worth living. More reason to educate on good vision habits.

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Yes, some, not all, people could use suicidal messages to emotionally kidnap and manipulate others. The problem is that the healing process really comes from within…One needs the self-determination and cognitive skills to succeed in natural myopia reversal. Even if Jake or someone is willing to volunteer their time and service for free, holding the kid’s hands for as long as they can, the kid still needs to walk the walk himself. Not to mention, there are already tons of free resources on EM and other sites.


Well, I would anytime volunteer to help this kid
Yet, it would indeed cause some legal issues…
I am not saying that kid must be left to find his own way and offering him help would be not the right way…
I am just concerned how his parents would react…
Child abuse is unfortunately becoming a big issue here, really problematic…

And yes, here in Turkey, majority of people can not afford BackTo2020 fee.
Insurance gives you glasses for free, every year.
Same insurance does not pay BackTo2020 bills

I thank God that I have been given the opportunity to learn English years ago…
Without it, Endmyopia could have been in another galaxy, to me…


Well … I always keep a gauge on the free resources and the overwhelming amount of feedback is positive.

I think the free resources are entirely usable for most people.

And yes, I’m not about to give kids specific advice. That’s up to their parents, or the kids themselves doing enough reading and coming to their own conclusions.

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