Sunglasses for indoor vision

Are sunglasses affective when worn to counteract strain induced by indoor, artificial lighting at night?

Doubtful. In fact it might increase strain due to darkening your view, leading to larger pupils of your eye to compensate, leading to blurrier vision (depending on your correction). The larger your eye’s pupil, the narrower the “depth of field” is leading to your eyes having to work harder to keep focus on something.

The best way (IMO) to reduce strain is to use differentials indoors (thus most things at distance are blurry so your eyes don’t exert effort, and closer stuff requires less accommodation). I personally use a set of Normals that are a quarter diopter less than my outdoors glasses to achieve the same goal.

I don’t need differentials to see closeup, so I was thinking the sunglasses could be extra challenge and shield my eyes from indoor lighting. The lighting in my house is very poor quality and flickers a lot

if your indoor light condition is poor, the sunglasses may even make it worse…, the best solution is improve your lighting condition in your hose if possible.

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This will ruin your eyesight the most :scream: