Sunglasses Woes

I hardly wear sunglasses, but there are definitely times I need them.

Problem is, I am changing glasses every month now. I can’t afford to buy a new pair of sunglasses every month, too (and don’t want to add to the overconsumption of goods issue). I’m not a fan of the attachments, either, since they can damage the eyeglass lenses.

I suppose I could try to find some good quality clip-ons roughly the right shape. Not sure where to look.

The other option, for now, since I’m still increasing lens power rather than decreasing (long story; already wrote extensively about it and not going to repeat it here) I could use the previous weaker glasses during rare times I need sunglasses.

I did buy a pair with my next correction level which I’ll start using in two weeks after I move to the next correction. I’d like to use it longer than 4-6 weeks past the next correction level beyond it. I might not even need sunglasses for over 6 weeks again. Depends on conditions. I did use some yesterday due to snow (the most needed situation). Doubt there will be a lot more snow, but may be other situations.

If I end up adding a third focal plane as discussed in the past (already discussed), I can’t add a 4th just for sunglases…that would be too many.

Any other ideas?

I have stopped using sunglasses in November when I started endmyopia (I used to wear them all the time summer and winter on top of my contacts, which I dropped as well) I am starting to need them in my daily walks since sun starts to be nice and bright, I did buy Clíp-ons (is this what We call those things?) in zenni but haven’t used them yet, what I am doing is wearing a cap to get some shade and it is working for me, i benefit from the bright light to practice AF but my eyes feel relax and protected .

I have a question regarding this… has anybody tried and achieved active focus while wearing sunglasses???

Last week I was snowboarding with my -1.25 contacts and sunglasses over them, no problem doing AF or clearing misaligned vision. -1.25 is too strong for my normalized needs, but with the sunglasses and the speed in snowboarding it provided the correct amount of stimulus and a nice challenge.

I have sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses. Had them for ages.

Yeah, the so-called fitover sunglasses are quite handy, for one they’re much easier and faster to put on and take off than the traditional clip-ons. Especially when driving, that speed and one-handed operation is sometimes essential (tunnels etc). As a bonus point, it’s actually possible to wear them without the underlying eyeglasses.

I accidentally stumbled upon magnetized clip-on sunglasses, which pop in and out of your frame. They’re quite convenient, but only work with a particular frame.

Anyone have suggestions as to where to look for the ones that attach easily? It’ll be hit or miss to try to find some that fit my frames and go on easily.

Thank you Laurens, It’s a good strategy! I think I’ll do that in summer time when going to the beach :beach_umbrella: :sunglasses: