Surprising prism correction, problem finally resolved!

So I’ve been fighting with left eye being -2.25 and right eye being -.50 or so (with astigmatism as well) for YEARS with little progress. I’ve maybe been on endmyopia for 4 or 5 years. I did learn that eliminating astigmatism correction took away the headaches, at least, but I can never get both my eyes to work together well - my right eye just leaves my left eye behind. So after 8 years of struggling with pain and various eye problems, I finally realized that I needed to see a vision therapist, which I didn’t even know existed. He is prescribing me 1 base up prism in my left eye, because my eyes don’t point in the same direction, giving me a small amount of double vision, which my brain can’t tolerate so it tunes out one or the other eye. In general, my left eye focuses just enough to have good coordination but won’t focus clearly at the same time as my right eye, because my brain doesn’t want to have to reconcile the two images. No wonder I’m cranky and annoyed and can hardly think most of the time.

When I held up the prism prescription in front of my eyes, I didn’t want to move it away. It felt so good. I’m so looking foward to having eyes that work right and possibly getting back on the endmyopia track - even if I might always have to wear glasses that have a prism correction anyway.

Interesting what kind of things can inhibit progress, and that it never would have been found if I hadn’t realized something weird was going on myself. Anyone else experience anything similar?

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