SusanK myopia going down after all these years

Hello All – 50+ year myope, been exploring various vision improvement programs in books without much progress. So glad to have found Enmyopia!! So here’s my starting point: recently the eye dr. called it -5.75, -6, plus cylinder correction. Those spherical diopters are slightly over-prescribed, I discovered through repeated measurements at home, so should be -.25 lower in each eye. So my starting point with normalized (just placed order for first -5.25 and -5.50, keeping the cylinder/axis the same (-1.0, -.75, axis 90 in both).

I’ve been improving my habits with devices (laptop instead of phone in face, etc.). I’m also using differentials that I’ve had for some years (called computer glasses at the time). My regular glasses are also progressives which are absolutely annoying! I am thinking that the presbyopia may take care of itself over time. I didn’t need them until I was in my 50s, so we’ll see.

I’m taking the wholistic approach with diet (lower carb, healthy fats, moderate protein), exercise (lots of walking, yoga, weights), nutritional supplements, and some detox (had an issue with dental metals that have been removed). I’m an avid reader but am listening to podcasts and audio books more, reducing screen time.

So we’ll see! Everyone take care!


Cm measurements to eye gives contact lens prescription so you may not be overprescribed.

I was vastly over-prescribed for contact lenses as well.

I so agree with you about the dratted “progressives” (such an enlightened-sounding name, no?). The are the work of the devil.

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Most optos decide what acuity you want, my opto always offered 3 options for contacts so I could choose within a 0.5D range, it was me chosing 20/15 acuity which she called “over prescription within the opto authorised range”. But she would have approved any of the 3 options for driving and all gave me 20/20 just differently.

May I suggest introducing some balance exercises - good for the peripheral vision and also to hold balance you need to relax into it and that helps relax the eyes, too. Another idea for the holistic toolbox is massaging the eyes’ reflexology points on the hands, feet, ear, etc

“…my opto always offered 3 options for contacts so I could choose within a 0.5D range,”

Alas, not in my five decades of experience on two continents. I was never given a choice. I’m therefore astounded by your experience.

Thanks for your comment! I debated about that issue, but considered the differences in lighting conditions. I understand you can drop diopters too quickly. It will be an empirical question when I use the awaited new specs!

Thanks for the suggestions. Balance work, a good one. More balancing poses in yoga or with my wobble cushion that you stand on to practice. Having worn contacts most of my life but currently in glasses, I absolutely despise how they limit peripheral and I wonder if it is compromised as a result.

I don’t find this limitation with moderate sized clear frames. My glasses virtually disappear visually for me when I wear them.

I wore contacts for decades. Could never get used to wearing glasses, not even for the sake of EM. So I walked the walk in contacts all the way back to 20/20. As with everything, there are pros and cons. The pro is definitely in peripheral vision (the frame of the glasses could disappear but the periphery remains so much blurrier than the image in front…) and the ease of wearing sunglasses, the most obvious con is that while glasses lead your eyes to the middle of the glass with contacts you will have to work a lot more on convergence and divergence and on overall coordination.
There are people who use contacts as their normalised and wear an additional -0.5D or -0.75D for night driving and a pair of reading glasses for close-up in front of the screen. (Luckily I was around -2.00D only when I started so I could skip the reading glasses part by not wearing contacts when at home.)

Clear frames sound good. I tried to find on zenni but none in my narrower size that would work. Am hoping the thinner metal frames will be next best thing.

That’s a good approach.

I filter on square, which keeps the width down. I’m happy with the frames I’ve got until I don’t need them at all :smiley:

That’s sounds like a good way to focus the search on a site. Next pair I will try that!

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