Swinging monitor

I can’t stop sitting all day long at home and just look at screens. I’m too lazy for print pushing too. And my eyesight is getting worse: I’m 32yo with about -5D.

So here’s a crazy (dumb?) idea: what if I put my monitor on a swing/pendulum so that it’s swinging back and forth all the time? Then my eyes need to constantly adjust their focus, it’s like constant workout for them without me doing anything at all. I work mostly with text rather than games or movies, so I think I might able to adapt to this. I know this is no substitute to proper life practices, but maybe some movement is better for the eyes than none?

Maybe I could start with a tablet or something to try it out small. Or did anyone do such a thing before? What was the experience? What can I expect?

Or… you could swing yourself instead of finding contrived ways to make the monitor swing.
The element of motion has only been beneficial to me, so I would definitely recommend it…

I suggest you google " mark warren peripheral Myopia Is Mental" and check out his website. He has done quite a bit with the “moving the body” angle. It’s his main offering/practice.

I would love to try this set-up myself (if only I’m resourceful enough to do this.)
I am just a bit worried on this part:

The phrase “all the time” doesn’t that also mean your eyes focus and refocus all the time? That’s a bit tiring for the eye muscles as well, doesn’t it? (I think?)

re moving my body instead: I do acknowledge that this would be the proper solution but I’m really curious about the alternatives for the sake of discussion. I’m somewhat aware of Mark Warren’s angle. IIUC it’s all about movement in the periphery. This setup has none of that so this would be a different approach.

re more tiring for the eyes: Maybe, I don’t know. It would be an experiment to try it for a week or two and see what happens. Though I don’t find myself too resourceful for this either; I’m not sure how could I set this up. I was hoping somebody tried something like this and had some experiences to share already.