Taming the Beast (Astigmatism)

An interesting discussion on the mechanisms of reversing (or acquiring) astigmatism on a biological level came up on Denise’s latest topic, and after thinking, I decided that having it in a separate topic might be very helpful for future reference in case we get even more nice insights on the question.
On lens-induced astigmatism:

What is extremely confusing to me is that astigmatism reacts very well to stimulus over the short term. I spend ten minutes clearing the ghosting, it goes away, I enjoy my clear vision, I go to sleep, I wake up and the ghosting is back! It’s incredibly volatile, and I have no idea what mechanism gives tangible improvement so quickly and reverts back to its initial shape the moment I give it a chance.

I wonder if other people with astigmatism can relate to this kind of experience?


Well those of us measuring cm to astigmatic blur seperately to cm to spherical blur also notice that the former varies a lot while the latter is relatively stable