Tess: -2.50 D Down To 0.75 D (One Year Progress)


A pretty detailed progress report from Tess, in the Facebook group.

Along with the usual requisite ramble, it’s over here in the blog: https://endmyopia.org/tess-2-50-d-down-to-0-75-d-one-year-progress/


That is a great progress report, and an incredible reduction right there! Even if we attribute the first 0.75 to overcorrection, that’s still a huge improvement for one year!

And summer sunlight comes up again. These mentions make me hopeful that recent struggles with improvement are a winter thing.

Love these reports, especially this kind that comes with many little details!


About 0.75 D of myopia reduction, most likely, so average according to Jake. I say this because she’s wearing -1 at night. -1 + -0.75 (her progress) = -1.75, exactly the lens power she found comfortable at the beginning. Add another -0.75 for the overcorrection, and you get the original -2.50 power. Btw, I’m not being a party-pooper, I swear! -2.50 to -0.75 normalized in a year is still great no matter how you break it down, and breaking it down really isn’t the point! Of course, I did it anyway.


Yup most likely. And it really quite predictable how improvements play out for most people.

Boggles my mind all the much more that this isn’t common knowledge and somehow we’re the only ones having this approach pretty much figured out.


@FMR That’s cheating though. If you count 0.75 as overcorrection, that means the new reference acuity is what was chosen as normalized, which probably isn’t 20/20. So if she got to 20/20 with one diopter less power than what she started improving with, we’re talking about well above 1 dpt improvement in that year.

if you want to set the reference acuity as what is needed for driving at night, you have to reduce the amount you attribute to overcorrection, and again end up with a huge improvement.

Thinking about this again, I suppose it would be smarter to say she had up to 0.5 dpt of overcorrection, since you can probably add 0.25 of power to a normalized without getting into overcorrection territory.


@Varakari, I agree with your second paragraph… mostly, but disagree with your first. Normalized is usually at least 0.25 under a full (but not overcorrecting) distance piwer. I took the difference between her night and day powers–0.25–as the difference between full and normalized.

Also, I took it to mean that she got 20/20 with -1.75 initially, in daylight.

I’m a bit conservative with this stuff on average. And our disagreement is almost splitting hairs! These are fun debates though. Thanks.