Thank you Jake!

Hello! I’m Sharada. And this is my post (a record that I was a part of this community and a thank you to Jake).

I found Jake on YouTube on 21st January, 2019 when I was having a particular ‘woe is me’ kind of a moment. I was aimlessly browsing when Jake’s video popped up as a recommendation. Something about contacts not being that great for the eyes. I did not need any convincing to believe him. (Any kind of a fix/ shortcut/ artificial intervention has its own side-effects is my philosophy).

Flashback to childhood days as a professional bronchial patient – I was mostly on some kind of medication, or recovering from antibiotic doses which caused their own problems. Some of my earliest memories were of gasping for breath, or waking up in hospital. (Was even more difficult for my parents to watch by helplessly). By my teens, I had mostly recovered with only occasional attacks. Discovered neem leaves as an effective way to counter bronchitis. (Only much later in life, did I understand that self-experimentation is my way).

Anyway, how did I end up with myopia? I have always loved reading. But at 11, I discovered Mills and Boon and for 2 years, read voraciously (meaning in hiding = in torch light/ low light/ lots of closeup etc etc). By 13, I had blur and refused to go to the ophthalmologist for an eye check-up. By 14, kicking and screaming my mom dragged me off to the doctor’s. (little did I know then that though he conducted cataract operations/ LASIK and all sorts of other things, he did not know anything about reversing myopia. He still wears glasses as do his daughters). So, there I found myself, sitting in front of the doctor, feeling all sorts of remorse that I had done this to myself. His expression grave, he solemnly declared that I needed glasses, could switch later to contacts and consider LASIK once I was old enough and the number stable enough. I offered a counter suggestion, not knowing anything about myopia at the time. Maybe he could reduce my number little by little and my glasses would miraculously disappear?

He was not happy. Told me to first stabilise my number then let him worry about improving my vision. But I could eat carrots and have vitamin A tablets in the meanwhile. (He used almost the same words during my last visit with him in January of 2019, but by then my vision was -3.75 R, -3.50 L. Don’t remember with what diopter I started out with! I’m still unsure if I want to casually drop in for an eye exam once I reach 20/20. Would it be worth it to see his reaction?! Apart from being the family doctor, he lives in the next building and my grandfather and his father were good friends. He has a lucrative practise – may not be interested in natural vision improvement. Who reads these studies then if not doctors!!! Oh yeah, Endmyopians!)

Back to 2019 and Jake! I ditched my contacts right then and there. I still have them floating about in the lens solution as a memory (till the time it starts stinking up at least!). The next morning my journey began. Active focus, going for walks, getting used to glasses.

I tried active focus with the newspaper first. Right eye, left eye, both eyes. Was able to clear the blur immediately. Did not need differentials as I could read without specs. I was like a puppy. So excited! For a whole week! I could not believe it! That active focus would not disappear. I shifted my attention to more challenging stuff. My window overlooked a sign board. (around 200 metres away, as the crow flies; me on the 10th floor, it on the 1st floor). The whole thing was a giant blob of blur. I used to spend hours in that first week gazing away at it. I almost fell off my chair when I cleared one huge alphabet. It was like in those mythical, magical movies… when some holy person crosses a river and the waters part, to reveal a pathway. Something like that! It would clear up the alphabet – the word and the world outside the alphabet remained in blur. It was nuts and I was so happy! Was doing this without glasses (my theory: I had spent years and years in contacts, my natural focal plane. Maybe that’s why I could never achieve active focus in glasses).

After a week, I felt confident enough to tackle the doctor and ask for a reduced “subscription”. (I later on discovered that my glasses were the same number as my contacts. I think the good doc or someone in the admin messed up. And since I was so excited and did not bother to take centimetre measurements, I can only theorise what could/ may have happened. Both gave me 20/10 vision however). Anyhow, after seeing my doctor’s dour reaction (to a 0.25 reduction), in my desperation, I did reveal that my glasses were “too bright” in the sunlight. He checked his records and coolly reduced my number by .75 (me thinks, he realised that there was a mistake in the records at this time).

I ordered new frames and could hardly wait to try them on. I did a zero diopter reset and put on my new pair in the evening. Crystal clear vision! I didn’t know whether to be even happier or cry! Decided to try my luck at the optometrist just down the road. Had vowed to not open my mouth about my vision history. Just get the cold, hard number! My number! Turned out to be -2 for both eyes. Could read the 20/30 line with it. Optometrist wanted the business. I was overjoyed! (Till today, I struggle to understand why I did not measure my own centimetres (maybe just wanted the establishment to acknowledge? Maybe, that I would be discouraged with the fluctuating numbers. With active focus, I knew that I could clear up text. I felt confident. I felt it was doable. Getting my vision back. So, in retrospect, I am glad I did not measure).

Now that this worked on me, I decided to take the plunge. I finally did the 7-day guide(oops!), read up more, had already watched all the videos but revisited a few more. Every month, in the first week, went to the optometrist for a reduction. Could read the 20/30 line in the optometrist’s fairly dimly lit room. My aim was to use the glasses as less as possible and in sunlight have around 20/25 vision as I was out and about quite a lot. By June 2019, I had -0.75 glasses but night vision was a different matter altogether. Deluded myself that the .75s worked for me.

Went for a vision exam on 24th December, 2019. To another optometrist. In a mall. Just for the fun of it! I wanted to see how it would go! Jake’s videos had some very interesting things to say about mall optometrists. It was a big-name retail store chain to boot! The guys working there were very human though. Just doing their jobs, trying to meet sale targets. (they were sweet to me so I viewed them thus; had they been arrogant, I would have generalised and categorised them, mostly. Perspectives!). Anyway, they did all sorts of tests, even the duochrome one. If I bought the lenses from them, they would give me my number. But they showed me the paper with the numbers, which I could “read”. L -0.75, R -1.00 with -0.50 astigmatism.

By January, 2020 I went in for another reduction -0.50, which is where I’m now at in January, 2021. The difference between 2019 and 2020 is remarkable. I can active focus at night now, get clear flashes even (on the Snellen at night – mostly if I have not done too much computer work). I use my glasses rarely. With my -0.50 glasses at night, my left eye can see 20/15. Right eye requires -0.75 to see 20/25. In the shade, in the garden, Left manages to read the 20/10 on occasion. Right manages the 20/15 line. One day the visual cortex will get it. I envisage another year, year and a half to 20/20 or little better.

Now to @jakey. (Best part always comes at the end of the story)
I don’t have the brains or the language to even begin to know how to thank you. Thanks to you, I gave myself a chance. I had given up on so many things in life, including myself. You changed the way I looked at myself. Thanks to you and your ‘get outside/ find a hobby’ mantra, I walk for an hour regularly every day. Thanks to you, I have become healthier. Thank you so much, Jake for all that you do and all that you are! :pray: :pray: :pray:


Congratulations on the great improvements.

Mills and Boon at the age of 11? That’s a bit precocious - I was still on The Famous Five etc. at that age. :laughing: We could probably start a Who has read the most books competition here. I have read one book a day for the past 65 years, with sometimes 2 days for a really thick one. If I had to skip a day for some reason, I would read 2 the next day. You can do the maths yourself It is only in this past year of covid that I have not been able to access the private English library we have here in my part of France, for my 30 or so books for the month. I have had to reread books, most of them not page turners, as I never keep novels I have bought myself. But they have to do, as I cannot possibly go to sleep without reading.

I think I finally had to go to the opto at about the same age of 14. I was already well and truly myopic before I got my first pair of glasses. But for all of those years I never wore glasses for reading. My right eye never got worse than -3, although my left one ended up with double the myopia and astigmatism.

Your story is very encouraging for others, especially those at the start of the journey who still have doubts. Jake deserves my gratitude as well, for giving me the tools to reduce my myopia, as well as a very absorbing serial ‘who-done-it’ as I try to find the culprit/s who caused the myopia, and the heroes who are reversing it. I fear this may remain an unsolved mystery in my lifetime. :face_with_monocle:

Good luck with the last leg of the journey.


Super very much appreciate the very kind words! And you’re doing so much in return also, the language help bits are really nice. :slight_smile:

Btw, just had an Interview with an interesting YouTuber:

Fellow Indian, super suuper enthusiastic, has spoken to some of the greats in all kinds of health topics, and we also had a really good chat. Quite looking forward to the video he’s going to put out as well.


:pray: Thank you


Yeah! That’s what my mom said when she discovered it under my bed! What can I say! There was no Google scholar at the time to explain the birds and the bees :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Most Mills and Boon :raising_hand_woman:

Thank you! I love how you and @BiancaK take the time and effort to respond to almost all posts.

How did you find him? Or did he find you? Be ready for a new wave … :nerd_face:

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Thank you for noticing, and thank you for the compliment.

You win on the Mills and Boon leg of the competition. But of course I have a head start of many years on you.

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Wow well done! Many of us can only dream of that kind of progress

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It’s partly due to my obsession. I tend to get obsessive about stuff and then when i lose interest…poof! Hope this time it is for keeps :slight_smile::crossed_fingers:


Inspired by @BiancaK 's visit to the optician, memories of my optician activated. It had been almost 2 years since I last went there (last visit 9th June, 2019.)
My last subscription from the mall optician (24th December, 2019) had been R -1 sph -0.50 cyl ; L -0.75 sph. I had had some bleeding in the left eye last June and had visited an ophthalmologist but did not get my vision checked.

My eye habits the past few months have been shameful, since my I-pad went kaput. I am on my phone for 3-4 hours (sob!) reading/ watching videos, lying down. Laptop is just for work. On top of that, I had not been wearing my specs at night/ in low light conditions/ indoors. As a result, had become blur adapted at night. No stimulus for the eyes, though I did have clear flashes when looking at the Snellen. As an ex contacts user, I detest specs. :nerd_face: Especially at night. Also, need my peripheral vision while walking.

So last week, I decided enough floating about in this la-la land. I found my -1.00 and -1.50 pieces of curved plastic, held them up against my eyes and tried reading the Snellen. At night, after hours of phone use my weaker, right eye was able to see 20/15 with the -1.50 … the time had come to go up with the correction and nuke the eyes.

After a week of should I - shouldn’t I, finally decided to go to my tried and tested optician. Since he is open only 2 hours in the morning, I decided to cheat and go with “fresh” eyes. I active focused for 15-20 minutes on the Snellen indoors, then took a 45 minutes leisurely stroll, looking at license plates, clearing blur. [At -2, clear flashes were more and lasted longer than they do now]. All this was more for my heart than my eyes. I didn’t want it to break if the “number” was higher than last time’s.

The optician remembered me from 2 years back, though my face was covered by the :mask:. He may not have been getting many customers who dictated their own subscriptions, I assume. During the eye exam (in a dimly lit room), he asked if I could see this line and that line and when I said no and then yes, he was like don’t strain your eyes to see the alphabets. And in my mind, I could hear @jakey say that some strain is good for the eyes … it is called active focus.

His and the machine’s assessment of the eyes:
R -1.00 sph, -0.50 cyl 180 axis
L -0.50 sph, -0.50 cyl 180 axis

I requested him to insert the -1.00 lenses in my frame and after a brief discussion on the cylinder, he agreed to the -1.00 sans cylinder. (As per him, the cylinder would only increase the sharpness of the image. With even my -0.75 I feel the image is pretty sharp, both eyes at night).

While chit-chatting with him, I casually asked if someone asked him for computer glasses would he give them only the correction up to the screen and he equally casually said yes. Wow! Super, super supportive optician! And for the eye test and inserting my old lenses into the frames, he charged me nothing. @ursa would have enjoyed this story! :hugs:

So my new POA from today, usage of glasses at night, while sitting securely on the rooftop, to look at the night sky and Venus especially after sunset.


Wow. That’s a serious opto confirmed improvement!! Well done :clap:


no way… I’m always interested in people who reduced cyl that much, whether they had cyl in their first prescription already or it was lens-induced i.e. built-up over time


Well, your legs are weak, let’s just put you in a wheelchair…
But Doctor, isn’t there some way to make my legs stronger instead?

Almost sounds like Colin Craven from The Secret Garden.

That’s retail optometry all right.

Have to feel sorry for the people working on the front lines in those kind of places (probably underpaid), asked to enforce all sorts of policies and sales tactics that aren’t helping the customer.

Sounds like your myopia hasn’t stabilized yet. Probably not time for LASIK yet. :partying_face:

I think you probably should drop in for an eye exam with the original doctor. He’ll probably say “Clearly you’re the first patient who ever took my advice and actually ate the carrots and vitamin A tablets. I’ve never seen this before!”

I am curious to see when Mainstream Medicine and Optometry have to start acknowledging that “in a few rare instances” highly motivated people have successfully reversed myopia…
by following medical advice and ignoring internet Eye Gurus.
They’ll probably name myopia reversal after your Dad’s Friend the Eye Doctor.
Carrots and Vitamin A Reverse Myopia: A Case Study

We’ll you’re in the endgame now, facing down the final boss.

So… now I’m kind of curious… Mills and Boon, is this like porn in novel form that they sell at the supermarket with half-naked men on the cover? And I thought the saying that “It will make you go blind” was just a myth!

Happy “Day of the Guru” @jakey :pray: (Guru Poornima).

Should totally do that!

Somehow for me, I never once doubted Jake! (When the student is ready, the :eye: Guru appears!). Just like today, the day I found Jake was a lunar eclipse so I (secretly) believe it was fated. (I want to start a post on ‘who are you astronomically/ astrologically’ but it could become a bit contentious with the whole Sidereal/ Tropical debate :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

Oh Ohh! I knew this was coming…

(Fierce blush of embarrassment) Old karma has finally caught up with me. The time when my mom and the furniture repair guy discovered my book hidden under the sofa. She was not happy with me!

So that is the cause of myopia for us all! :yum:


Night/ Day for a (relatively) low myope…

Spent 15-20 mins with overcorrected glasses (-1), gazing out into the distance at 11pm (distance = minimum half a kilometre to maximum infinity; with these overcorrected glasses, my closeup definition is anything I can see within my home.) If I use them within the house, active focus with bare eyes suffers, later, when I remove them.

This is the same visual experience I remember having with overcorrected contacts (at -3.75). Very crisp and sharp details. Eyes and brain loving it. Funny how low diopter works different from other diopters. Overcorrection is almost like a sugary, syrupy high.

Took me 2 years to understand what @jakey meant by using overcorrection at night/ low light/ cloudy days. It is a thin line and good fun. My night time vision has finally, finally reached a stage where a -1 feels like an overcorrection.

I could have tried the overcorrection at -1.50 (night vision) but was too conservative. Mindset change took a little time to go from undercorrection to overcorrection. Bianca’s post woke me up from my ‘it (getting to 20/20) will happen when it happens slumber.’ My eyes had improved but were not getting enough stimulus. Andrew’s post made me realise, I need to start documenting my journey better (even though I may make errors).

Speaking of which, greed set in my heart last night. -1 gave my left eye lots of crispy imagery, butttt to the right eye ‘only’ 20/20 night vision. I was contemplating a -1.50 for my right eye, to nuke it as well, but decided against it. (Don’t want to unequalise at this stage + naked right eye clears blurs effectively + there is a natural difference between both eyes.)

Wish I could remember what it was visionwise like before glasses!!! Was a .25/ .50 difference even noticable?

Morning walk was a beautiful experience today. Monsoons are here. Everything’s green and lovely. Eyes cleared up blur on license plates (both, left and right). Eyes seem to prefer black on yellow than black on white.

Returned home to have steaming hot tea and bhajjiya/ bhajji/ pakodas. Have you tried them @nycmao?


Have you considered using a weaker normalized for indoors?

Dopamine for monsoons😁


Sounds delicious! I have had similar looking things here but I don’t know if they’re “the real thing” or not.

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Bare eyes work as normalised, indoors and most of the times outdoors as well :slight_smile:


Eyes were not in the happiest state of mind today on the morning walk. Refused to active focus, refused clear flashes. Staring, glaring, blinking, gazing - nothing worked.

In their defense, they had had less than 5 hours of sleep. Also, had gone out early, around sunrise. Eyes feel weakest at this hour (night time is better). Grumpy eyes! (Still :heart: y’all).


Hello Sharada,
I recently came across your eyesight improvement story and it is so encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I found the forum last December after my six years old daughter was diagnosed with myopia and got -3.5 D prescription. I was not looking into the forum that much. But spending significant time outdoor and reducing close up activity for 6 months her prescription is not changed. I also have myopia and wearing glasses/contact lenses for last 21 years (from 19 years old). So I started looking for more options and found your eye improvement journey. In your interview with Jake you mentioned about candle gazing and I found many videos in youtube. Is it possible for you to share a video/link which is similar/same with your practice? I would like to learn it from someone who tried it for her own eyesight improvement. Thank you so much in advance for your help. I greatly appreciate it!
Best regards,


This is a good thing actually, don’t underestimate the fact that you have managed to stabilize her vision, that is a big first step. Next you can work toward reversal, but many people don’t realize that stopping that forward progression (in someone who is still in progression territory) is victory number one. Congrats on that!