Thank you Jake!

Thank you :blush:

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This time doctor add 0.5 cylinder at 90 degree for one eye.


Have you made progress with your vision? Any reductions? Found active focus? I ask this because …

If one makes even a single reduction/ sees improvements in one’s own vision, it is such a high. (My own experience - I gained the confidence to challenge my doctor’s prescription only because I knew I could see much better).

(Assuming here and just my 2 bits), try vision improvement on yourself so you would better understand what it entails and then help your daughter with her reductions. You are already on the right track with outdoor time and reducing closeup activity. In 6 months, there should have been (maybe?) a ciliary spasm release and slight change in the prescription. Have you been measuring yourself? Optometrist? Ophthalmologist? Many are resistant to bring down the number.

(Assumption 2) In case you have made reductions and your daughter hasn’t, does she have too large of a blur challenge? Is it winter there? Not enough sun? Just throwing a few questions out to get a sense of what could be happening.

I learnt about candle gazing from my dad … when I wore glasses for the first time. I was devastated and he was trying to cheer me up. He mentioned that in the South (of India), there are places which do vision correction. He also mentioned pin-hole glasses (which I have not experimented with). That gave me hope for vision improvement, one day.

When I started my journey, after a week of active focus (approximately), I decided to try out candle gazing. I did not watch any YouTube videos. Just had a general chat with my dad and went for it.

I practised candle/ diya gazing/ trataka in a dark room, curtains drawn, trying to block out as much light from outside, at night. The distance to the candle was something which gave me a tiny amount of blur as I looked at the flame. I kept the fan/ air conditioning switched off to keep the flame steady. Again, experimented with the time (approximately an hour or so, as it did not give me a headache/ eye strain). I sat cross-legged looking downwards at the candle … candle was at a distance, but at chest level not at eye level.

Again all experiments, but worked for me. A note of caution here: the next morning, when I woke up I had serious double vision. And I was overjoyed! Because Jake had mentioned that this would happen. The visual cortex trying to align the image. Otherwise, would have gone to the doc and he would have prescribed a cylindrical number as well :roll_eyes:. It resolved quickly. Maybe by the end of the day or the next one.

Maybe it was the active focus of the past week or the candle gazing or a combination of both. But that was the morning I knew my vision had improved because I could see what I could not see the previous day.

Look forward to reading about yours and your daughter’s updates :smiley:


Thank you so much for your detailed response. I did not do much for my eyesight improvement, only spend time outside in the sun. We get good sunlight year around (Dallas, Texas). I was focused on her eyesight for last six months after knowing about endmyopia. But I realized that I need to work on my eyesight first so I will have more understanding how to deal with her eyes. I measured her vision with snellen eyechart and she improved from 20/80 to 20/50 in 6 months. But her diopters didn’t go down. I didn’t know how to explain active focus to her since I didn’t try it myself so I took her outside and let her play in the playground and took her for biking, scootering and walking. I asked her to look far in the sky and trees every now and then when we were outside. She didn’t wear glasses yet so I am sure she has blur adaptation. Thank you for sharing your tratak practice. I will try that along with other active focus methods. Hopefully I will be able to reduce my and her myopia soon.

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If you are looking at a non DIY approach, you could checkout Jake’s course for myopic parent and child. Message him for waitlist if it is full and if it is what you feel you need.

Have you seen this interview? :point_down:

I refused to go to the eye doc for a year, living in denial about my blurred vision. I was blur adapted and continued with a lot of reading/ no outdoor time. I was also 13-14ish so not a comparison with a 6 year old child’s vision.

You could also visit @Reannon 's thread as she is working on her and her son and daughter’s vision improvement.


Thank you for sharing the video. I have watched it. I am considering to take course from Jake. I already emailed him. I would like to know the process better before I take the course from him. And Reannon is very active in Facebook page and forum. I always get replies and very useful tips from her whenever I have any questions.


Hello Sharada,
How are you doing? As far as I remember you did not use any reduced lenses. Can you please share how you were using your prescription glasses in your end myopia journey? When you wore the glasses and when you did not wear the glasses? Thank you so much for your response.

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I met a yoga practitioner few days ago and she showed me to practice deepak traatak exactly how you explained. She mentioned that if we keep the light eye level we may get eye strain. Thank you once again !

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Hey hi Chandrima

I did - glasses only

The very first week, with -3.75 R and -3.50 L glasses, only outdoors (lots of outdoors!). I did not need differentials. After the first week, with -2, again only used glasses outside/ mostly in natural light. The only difference with the -2s was that I wore them more in the evenings. Mornings outside were spent without correction … this was the phase when I used to get a lot of clear flashes.

A side note -
When I started my journey, Jake was the only person whose videos/ blogs I read. So I had 1 reference point + my own experimentations. One of his most profound teachings is measuring one’s own vision. This too I tweaked as I have a weak heart where my eyesight is concerned. I did not take (fluctuating?) centimeter measurements. However, the first week was full of relative measurements (distance from eyes to a billboard outside/ washing machine buttons/ hand wash dispenser/ calendar/ clock and active focus.

This measuring vision = honeymoon with eyes/ getting to know how one’s eyes work/ in what light/ the stronger eye/ the dominant eye/ etc etc …

I joined the forum after almost 2 years of following Jake/ EM. (Had no prior knowledge about how a forum works). Had I joined then, I am sure I would have been overwhelmed and over awed by all the information/ the more well read people who had made reductions.

So if I was just starting my journey, I would follow Jake (large diopter gap - Jake, active focus not found - Jake) and then if it was only one issue I would research on that particular topic and what others had done/ suggestions.

Again, just sharing this with you. I tend to get analysis paralysis :thinking: when there is too much information overload and then my brain just shuts down.


Based on my 5 years of experience with EM, I totally agree. Practically you can find nothing on forums / facebook group / whatever, which is not said by Jake somewhere. And in most cases it is said better by him. If there is a disagreement, almost always (like 99.99%) Jake is right. Not because Jake is a super-human, but because almost all people have experience with only one Endmyopia journey: their own. But Jake is bombarded with “journeys”, and he actively supports a lot of people simultaneously and has a lot of past experience. So most likely whatever you encounter, he encountered that too. Which is not true for most people on whatever your favorite social media, and not true for most of the “here’s how to improve your vision” influencer.
And when you try to get information from other source, there is a higher chance of misinformation, misunderstanding and bias (compared to “pure” Endmyopia). When you read a random guys (that includes me) comment on the forum, you can never be 100% sure that when they tells you that “this is what Endmyopia says” that it’s really what Endmyopia says. See my past rant about the “20/20/20 rule”.

So yeah, just stick to Jake. If you have absolutely no answer for your problem from “Jake materials” only then go to forums. If you read something in Jake materials but you don’t like it, and you have an urge to go to forum to get other answers: don’t, Jake is right :slight_smile: And even if you go to a forum then be aware that anything you read there may be not helpful, and maybe not true, and maybe even if true, it’s only true for that one particular person.
Forums and social media are fine to share your story, get motivation from others, chat with fellow Endmyopians. But if you need to make decisions or learn about the Endmyopia method, then they are not the best place.


While my ego likes this, it also is a bit of a :triangular_flag_on_post:.

I’m very often wrong about very many things. Plus confirmation bias, echo chambers, all the various many limits of our own psychology. For in-person conversations that could come across as advice-like I have my favorite mantra I always say … “this is definitely not advice, you do whatever you wanna do”.

Yes I would be tempted to say that I’ve probably heard more vision improvement story attempts and avenues than a lot of people. I try to be aware of my own bias when it comes to things that I am tempted to assume are unicorn farming. But still, one of my ongoing main thoughts is that I’m probably wrong about a ton of stuff. And I am. 100% for sure.

I much prefer if people operate on the premise that we can offer a direction that’s worked for many before them. Jake is right though, that’s more responsibility that I really want to take on - or reduction of the individual’s perceived responsibility for their own research and actions.

I’ll tell you what I know, gladly. But what you do should definitely be predicated on plenty of self evaluation and skepticism and realizing that all the fallacies may be part of these ideas.

(Also, thanks David. I did enjoy the moment of feeling like I am some sort of beacon of wisdom. :joy:)


I get what you say. And this is a better wording of what I wanted to say:

On the other hand:

While again, I understand your point but really my experience is that regarding Endmyopia topics* (obviously you are not omniscient… yet :smiley: ), the chance that you are wrong and somebody else is right… is pretty slim at this point. It’s not 0, but close to it. I’ve myself tried plenty of things read here and there which in some way contradicted the Endmyopia way, but in every case my experience was that it was either a neutral thing, or even made things worst. This includes other vision improvements method but also includes “wisdom from fellow Endmyopians”.

*I’m mainly talking about what works, what doesn’t work, what helps, what is detrimental and what doesn’t matter regarding vision improvement. “How it happens” is a different topic, but not really the goal of Endmyopia to answer that question at this point.

This should be the default behaviour of humans :thinking: But you are right, that it should not taken granted… Anyhow, if someone would blindly follow just you regarding Endmyopia, or blindly follow any random advice regarding vision improvement what you can find even in only Endmyopia related media… I would still stay that it’s better to just follow you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :smiley: Believe me, in some way it is annoying that in this 5 years I could not find a single thing regarding Endmyopia where I could say that “nah, Jake was wrong on this, my or that other person’s idea works better” :rofl:


So … at last went to the ophthalmologist for the yearly eye check-up. No corneal scratches. The doc did not have the machine to test for corneal thinning. Have converted from glasses to contacts :heart:. For the first time in 2.5 years got my vision checked in the evening, after days of indiscriminate phone/ screen usage, no active focus and lots of eye strain.

Autorefractor gave a measurement of -1.25 for the left eye and -1.50 for the right (sphere + cylinder for both). Doc does not rely only on it. He did the test lens measurement + his assistant repeated it + a duochrome test thrown in. After this, a friendly chat to determine what ‘number’ I would like. We agreed on -1.00 … surreal experience. Doc is extremely chill. Will catch up at the garden for yoga.

Funny thing, my eyes are a greedy lot. They were quite happy with the -1.50s (20/10 vision) but adjusted to the -1.00s (20/20 vision). The assistant and doc also checked my close-up vision. With the -1.00s. Aahhhhhhh! All the testing and cylinders and -1.00 close-up gave me a headache by the time I returned home. -1.00 glasses feel like over prescription. In contacts, I knew they would kick @$$.

Had to wait almost 10 days before I got my hands on the contacts. 2.5 years without them. But it felt so natural to pop them in the eyes. Like riding a bicycle, one never forgets how to wear contacts :hugs: Wore the contacts at night for a stroll around the area. Right eye was a little blurry. :worried: … active focus kicked in. All was right with the world again :heart_eyes:

In the days since then, have learnt:

  • wear the contacts only at night/ in cloudy, overcast conditions in the day. (on a bright, sunny day it is too much of a correction, but could get used to it).
  • definitely, not to be worn indoors/ while watching television (tried this one evening and after removing the contacts, eyes felt worse).
  • eyes feel drier (this could be more of a brain over-thinking thing, as vision is constantly on my mind, when wearing contacts).

Happy for you :blush:

I know this feeling, can be tempting for the eyes - at least until brain steps in and I get a headache a few hours later as I’m not used to 20/10 with zero effort…
Resistance is not futile in this case!


I thought everyone left eye exams with a headache!
Over all sounds like a good visit, thanks for the update :grin:


Nope. First time for me. Lol.

There was a time when I used to loath going to the doctor’s. Every visit the vision worsened. How things have changed!


never had headaches after eye exams. guess they were not very thorough.


A little over a month with the contacts. Dry eyes ‘feeling’ has resolved. Have started wearing the contacts in low light, sometimes in the morning outdoors, to get extra clarity. Very infrequently indoors, mostly for social occasions. Not for watching television.

Eyes/ vision don’t feel worse after removing contacts. So that was one big relief!

At this stage, two things seem evident:

  1. Eyes feel worse only and only with extended phone usage (just like Jake says!) Have worked quite a few hours on the laptop. That distance does not seem to affect my eyes.

  2. Eyes/ visual cortex - the whole mechanism that works to give 20/20 or better vision requires stimulus. Part of the problem for me has been the utter rejection of crutches - both glasses and contacts at the low diopter stage.

Going with under-corrected glasses of -0.75 and -0.50 at night was a miserable experience so discontinued it pretty quickly. As a result, the improvement rate slowed down due to lack of stimulus. It is a wonder my vision even improved.

Earlier, correction/ reduction pattern that worked was, with -2 diopter vision could get away with the same correction for a nighttime vision of -2.25 to -2.50 diopters. But all that changed at the -1.50 diopter mark. Basing reductions on daytime vision did not work.

The optimal thing (for me) would have been such a correction:
Actual nighttime vision -1.50 — drop to -1.25
Actual nighttime vision -1.25 — drop to -1
Actual nighttime vision -1 (at present) — lenses on/ lenses off

*Or stop at the -1.25 mark and lenses on/ lenses off. But since the left eye has improved to -0.50 (daytime), -1.25 seems too much of an overcorrection
*Jake has mentioned -1.25 but since I was happily making -0.50 diopter monkey jumps, I did not have a -1.25 lens so my last chosen pitstop is -1.00

Stern note to self :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Will you go against the Guru Way??!! :bearded_person:
-No! No! … lenses on/ lenses off

Defy what the Jake say??!! :x:
-No! No! … lenses on/ lenses off

Optos will go heh/ heh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
-No! No! … lenses on/ lenses off

0.75/ -0.50 will it pay??!! :nerd_face:
-No! No! … lenses on/ lenses off

Forget about ever ‘seeing’ your bae!! :man_standing:
-No! No! … lenses on/ lenses off

20/20 only in the day!! :scream:
-No! No! … lenses on/ lenses off



and this

I can totally relate to them. I remember when I had these experiences first.
I think you have achieved a new milestone :medal_sports: :clap: